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  1. Well, I'm in 2 different places, and in 15 days I'm going to another country, to see how I do xD
  2. you see the name or character? omg xDDDDD nina taked the screeshot
  3. I just take a drops from mobs in this last hour omg... i hope they do not rollback >.<
  4. @Italianomedio https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/6079-classic-server-maintenance-wednesday-october-17-2018/?page=10 https://twitter.com/lineageiiops
  5. The same problem, i wait 2 days... and still...
  6. Open a Ticket and w8 i have problem with 3 account, we lose money? Ticket!
  7. I have 3 monitors but my central monitor is 4k and I'm not going to change the whole setup to be able to play well on l2 xD, I hope they fix it and if I do not have to put up with it
  8. I know, but I have this monitor for work reasons and since there is an option to change the resolution in the game, it should work
  9. https://twitter.com/LineageIIOps/status/1052564599474712577
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