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  1. i have play warlord it before in classic patch it fu**ing good for pvp he is a good CC in war THROW your SPEAR to mob player you r "MVP" dye +CON -DEX it Work!! but on warrior class u r junk in party hard to find party i hope u can pass it
  2. i think DA is better but i dont like human, i like drak ill play SK it good duo prophet or party and pvp?
  3. im looking for strong CLAN!! in the future, im old school player just 10 year ago English speaking[Main] But i'm bad English[7/10] Contact me : TankMan
  4. Hey Legendary im aden player, ill play warlord just im lv 19 i just knew it was open at last night, see you
  5. This patch i think it really, DA is best for me this patch
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