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  1. Help Warlords???

    i have play warlord it before in classic patch it fu**ing good for pvp he is a good CC in war THROW your SPEAR to mob player you r "MVP" dye +CON -DEX it Work!! but on warrior class u r junk in party hard to find party i hope u can pass it
  2. SK duo prophet is good?

    i think DA is better but i dont like human, i like drak ill play SK it good duo prophet or party and pvp?
  3. Tank LF Clan [Aden]

    im looking for strong CLAN!! in the future, im old school player just 10 year ago English speaking[Main] But i'm bad English[7/10] Contact me : TankMan
  4. Hey Legendary im aden player, ill play warlord just im lv 19 i just knew it was open at last night, see you
  5. Is paladin really that bad?

    This patch i think it really, DA is best for me this patch