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  1. Salvation: Etina’s Fate Coming August 22

    Thx for the update
  2. Oeste, I have found the same numbers to be true. With the chest it almost seems to be hardwired 1 out of 10.
  3. Thank you for your replies all. I’ve use 27 buffs so far.
  4. If you are still playing today, introduce yourself: 1. Where you're from Las Vegas Nv. I now live in San Diego Ca. When I started Jan 2005 I lived in Japan (US Military). 2. Char name and class JennyKrull, Othell/Yul. 3. Original server Erica > Sayha > Chronos. 4. Level and % today 103 @ 14% 5. How many times did you quit and come back? Once for 3 years. How many of us are left? Less than 20, more? Way off, close? There are a few of us around that started in our original clan Mystics. I still talk to a few others that don't play anymore.
  5. Math people, is the Fisherman's Blessing worth the 35 baits. It seems to me you lose the first 15 minutes or so just making up for the 35 baits to buy it. With the amount of buffs needed for one higher level not sure how much of a benefit its is. I think it sounds better than it is. Is it a hidden way to make you buy more baits. What do you all think and why. Thanks in advance.
  6. There should be at least one winner an hour. ROLL TILL SOMEONE WINS.....THIS IS BS!!!!!! Let's have as few winners as possible. Come on NCwest. Why are the teleport fees back after you said they would not come back!!!
  7. Circlet of Power Event

    Interesting reading. I have already stopped supporting the shirt (+6) and cloak (+9) events. I thought I'd give the Circlet event a try, but in doing so I broke my first and biggest rule "If I don't buy items on the first day I don't buy at all. Needless to say top package got me a +4 circlet. Also I think this new forum format is a fail.