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  1. Greetings. Still thrilled with this Classic option for L2; however, in the last week and a half there has been a definite drop off of players/shops in the Aden server and getting a bit concerned. Can we please get an update on: 1. Clan Hall functionality. It's been over a month since you requested they be implemented and still no response. 2. The bots are only increasing. I've made alts to pk them, but they just keep coming in hordes; especially the ones that auto return directly back to their assigned area. Killing the summons works for about an hour, but the others just keep r
  2. The drop rate for those IT spell books is 0.01 - 0.05; so even 50% of that added is still next to nothing, if that's how the VIP % works. As for overall SB drops, something is out of balance when books have such outrageous shop prices. I have been in IT as well, and if those books weren't seen here and there in shops it would be easy to believe they didn't exist because of how futile it seems farming them. Hopefully several item drops will be will be asked about by the team here including the spell books. The Dwarfs were the wealthiest group in the land, and now even they're broke be
  3. It's much easier to lvl and advance in Classic, so your not going to see the same party emphasis as the original. With beta and launch, the moment U logged in you were checking clan and friend lists. I don't even think the friend aspect is used by many in Classic; this version is just too easy.
  4. The option to use Duals on an SK with Vanguard has always been great. Trying to verify that Classic includes or removes this skill. I've seen yes and no @40, yes @43, & no altogether. Thx for any confirmation.
  5. While some drop/cost adena scaling complaints are understandable, Classic is far nicer to us than original beta and launch. Most of us never used the GK; we paid other players for a WW buff (yes paid) and ran everywhere. Used shots? Nope, just straight steel. Wasn't able to afford shot use till around lvl 50. Death was extremely brutal. Even PVE death would often cause main armor and weapon drops just crushing peoples spirits. Remember being in the low 50"s and taking over a week playing 10 hours a day in Enchanted Valley just trying to get 1%? If you died at that lvl another devastati
  6. Just wanting to express thx for making a dream come true. After the disgust of the god expansion (destruction of L2), I like many went to illegal servers. However, even in the illegal servers I longed for a time before the Kamael where the mobs were the best in L2 history in the best locations IMO. This is extreme nostalgia with all quests working so far. In the past, I started guilds and focused on killing the Chinese that plagued Cruma tower in the early days, took fortresses, and a few castles. Now it's great to just explore and level/farm like a single player and be friendly. If U s
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