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  1. The only change I would like to see is to flag when you attack someone who is red. The rest works as intended.
  2. I would definitely like it to be limited to just 1 account per computer. I know it's possible, I've seen it in illegal servers years ago. You wanna multibox? You better have 5 computers lying around. This also solves the "my brother/wive/kids/pastor/mayor/high school crush/3rd cousin for 3 states away" also plays from the same house/router/ip. To explain my reasoning, I would argue that for every box logged in, there's 1 player who probably plays on another server cause this one is full. I advise people who tune into my stream to head to the Gludio server, since the other 3 are ove
  3. Hey! I bought the chronicle pack and received the boosts/items etc ingame but no VIP status. I was told to get the pack cause it gives VIP 3, did I waste my money? Nevermind, I needed to use the "2400 scroll" item. I got it now. Leaving this up, it might help others.
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