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  1. pk system is horrible

    The only change I would like to see is to flag when you attack someone who is red. The rest works as intended.
  2. Limit client instances to 2

    I would definitely like it to be limited to just 1 account per computer. I know it's possible, I've seen it in illegal servers years ago. You wanna multibox? You better have 5 computers lying around. This also solves the "my brother/wive/kids/pastor/mayor/high school crush/3rd cousin for 3 states away" also plays from the same house/router/ip. To explain my reasoning, I would argue that for every box logged in, there's 1 player who probably plays on another server cause this one is full. I advise people who tune into my stream to head to the Gludio server, since the other 3 are over capacity and have huge queues most of the time. So you end up with 4-5 servers, full of people afk fishing at giran/gludin harbors, instead of 2-3 servers full of real people interacting with each other and having fun. Besides that, I believe it would be much better to have an actual player behind each character. As it is right now, people/groups/clans have their own shared prophets and shilien elders, meaning they won't need a player who plays one, to fit that role. I actually rerolled because of that and infact not using my vip3 + launch pack character, but made a new vip1 character, to actually have fun with, instead of waiting for the odd group that need my role. This game is meant to be played with other people, in groups, not 5-boxing solo with elaborate macros or bots. And since I mentioned botting, It's unfathomable to me, how a random illegal server, with a population of 1000 or less, has an actual, working anti-bot system and this one doesn't. I won't mention what program most use to bot, google is easy, so yeah, there's server where it's impossible to use those programs. If not all, the majority of the public ones, for sure. Forgive me if I sound salty or whatever, I came back to this game because A. Classic is the best server setting imo and B. Fresh servers are the most fun ones. Let's keep the fun going, because when it stops being fun, people tend to leave and rarely look back.
  3. Is VIP the same as Prestige subscription?

    Hey! I bought the chronicle pack and received the boosts/items etc ingame but no VIP status. I was told to get the pack cause it gives VIP 3, did I waste my money? Nevermind, I needed to use the "2400 scroll" item. I got it now. Leaving this up, it might help others.