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  1. You might want to alert developers about Obsidian 6 and the overall target cancelling skills that are able to interupt self castings like tank ud's. Many olympiad matches had been won by this unfair feature. It should cancel only offensive skills towards the target by detecting keyboard activity. Instead, what it also does, is to cancel your attempt for self buffs while you have the Obsidian 6 owner on target. It’s more that when you lose target on a self cast ability it shouldn’t cancel your casting. Similar to ertheia target cancel skill. Unless it’s a mini stun, which this isn’t
  2. You will jump on the front as long as the capacity is not full. You are a VIP to get into the capacity first, but you are not a VIP to overcome it.
  3. Update: added a poll. https://www.strawpoll.me/16636581
  4. While everybody is raging to make fishing VIP, this one change can actually make a difference. I think there was a really important reason fishing used to be manual back then, and it became automated ONLY when the population of the servers started dropping. I'm pretty sure if you change it back to manual, it won't cause that much of an outrage. Just a thought @Juji @Hime https://www.strawpoll.me/16636581 Vote below
  5. No, not yet at least, but there is a chance , if the player base keeps increasing, that at one point, you might have 6 thousand VIP's online. Then, the message will probably be "server trafic full" instead of queue. It remains to be seen.
  6. You are free to go to a less populated server. I have friends that played the old chronicles, and guess what? when servers like Teon were full like this, the server messsage was "traffic was full" . VIP's will get this message as soon as VIP slots are full. It is just the way it is. The game map itself has gone through feasibility tests, and i'm pretty sure the developers have their reasons to keep the capacity at 6 thousand. Do you really think they wouldn't expand the capacity if it was healthy for the game design whatsoever?
  7. Succesfully logged in after 2 hours in queue. Buying VIP lvl 1 to support the fix. Also looking forward to @Hime 's "Like button"
  8. I am waiting , 25 + mins so far, currently at 160. Working perfectly, will update once i succesfully log.
  9. The issue has been fixed, modes may close this thread. Thanks to everybody for the feedback tests!
  10. @Juji I told my CP members and everybody , i will purchase and SUPPORT you guys if you manage to fix all the issues since the start. I am becoming VIP right now, not because i'm bored of the queue, but because i want you to keep fixing things. Thanks!
  11. @Juji @Hime Implement a feature where people can become VIP and bind the character of their chosing VIP via the official website (L2 Galleria. At least that would save us from our failed attempts to log and actually make us VIP in-game.
  12. This will also not resolve anything, people that are already 30+ will resist changing server, therefore the already populated server will remain as it is. Free server transfers for a week is the ONLY and MOST UTTER emergency action they should take.
  13. This session should be cleared out in the next 15 minutes or so. In the Live servers where i play, this session ends after 3 to 5 mintues. Here after 6 hours, it was still in use...
  14. I'm all for it, even if i have to wait 1,5 hours to log, but to succesfully log you know ?
  15. The increased rates directly contributed to these numbers, and less people are willing to log off for the night, because they wouldn't like to be in the position me, and others are right now. I stated to my CP that i WILL buy VIP, BUT when the queue is fair for EVERYBODY.
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