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  1. so now my shadow weapon is a *** ? ty for make me waste more than 10b on my weapon...
  2. thanks, i know, it's the classic server and all is hard, but what class is the easiest to play solo?
  3. Hi, im new in classic and i want to be main warcryer. Is a good class to be main? or it will be so hard ? I want to choose a support as my main. What other classes must i have as box? Is posible to farm solo? Pls give me all your tips
  4. Come on man you have free ss. Gms are doing the best work possible. Dont be a rat kid pls
  5. si hay, pero no muchos tampoco. No hay clanes 100% chilenos o algo así, pero dentro de los clanes latinos vas a encontrar chilenos
  6. Tienes razón, hay clases que están demasiado en desventaja pero no se porque no han hecho nada al respecto...
  7. I understand your point but for example I was playing here for about a year. I don't buy NC so for me is VERY difficult have gear because I don't have many ways to get adena and sometimes is frustrating, because i don't see progress
  8. We know that the people (incluiding me) are too unhappy or angry with the game, so why we play l2 if we don't like how is the server or the game changes over the time? Are we waiting for a miracle and have fun like before? or maybe we don't want to accept that we must look for other games or server to don't waste our time. I have less fun than before, but i don't know why i don't leave the game jajaja so I want to read your opinions
  9. Any other suggest? all tips are welcome
  10. thanks, unfortunately i don't have more adena because i dont buy nc, but this equipment sounds good to me
  11. Hi Im main titan lvl 99 and i don't have any equipment yet. I have 20b to spend. I prefer spend more in weapon than in armor, so What do you recommend me? pls help
  12. maybe you've forgotten a quest, I don't know why you don't have a better gear than C grade if you are lvl 70. If you didn't forget anything, maybe the best way is try to lvl more until recibe the S grade
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