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  1. Its a shame that your rabbid dogs keep taxes at 30% Forcing people to make more bots to farm these low lvl areas. You and your ally have destroyed TI
  2. Funny how the char that was being tested is someone thats spent 20/30/40k $$$ on a video game. Just shows more and more how these people have you and multiple other GMs in there pocket. Didnt think anyone would see that huh?
  3. Just to clerify... Posted October 3, 2019 Greeting Adventurers, We would like to remind you that harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. We have had several incidents in the past few months where we took action against multiple accounts and involved local authorities. Some example of harassment include: Obscene, vulgar or inappropriate language towards you or others Threatening violence or bodily harm in game or in real life Extorting by PK for hunting spots, items, or Adena While there is no issue
  4. i still fail to see this as an exploit.. lol Watch any baium raid.. the angels are "glitched" on the pillars.. Its a game mechanic used for the past 14 years on any server. Why is it any different if the angels are simply moved from the equation? Your fellow RMT douche canoes do the same tactic with raid boss minions and have done that for years.. Quit crying
  5. so the mechanic of "bugging/glitching" them on the walls is "illegal behavior" aswell? pretty thats been the strat for the longest time.
  6. working as intended. Thanks for your observations. Don't QQ because your worthless people cant kill baium. Go RMT for some better gear and maybe you can.
  7. So with this update, introducing S grade.. There's no other way to get cloth pieces other than killing baium and zaken or spending a ridiculous amount of money on baium boxes? All this new content, and we're supposed to play in B grade.. doesn't make sense.. I guess the only thing to do is have everyone OE B armor..
  8. yall must not be on aden server.. cause its completely full of little girls that wont flag. 2-3 partys vs a 250 raid CC.. and still wont fight. Extremely sad
  9. Just saying.. They're releasing S grade and we can't unseal A grade without killing baium/zaken.. even then they only drop up 6 cloth pieces. makes no sense
  10. Soooooo you want to bring in S grade, when we cant even unseal A grade yet..? This baium box update is already ridiculous.. $2,000 I know about and not a single cloth piece.. At least make cloth pieces obtainable before releasing S grade..
  11. when's it happening? Aden and Gludio are dead. Wake up
  12. If only someone important would reply to this.. if only if only
  13. When's it coming? #waitingpatiently Server population on aden and gludio are dropping daily. Stop letting your servers die slowly everyday.
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