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  1. Cloth Pieces..

    So with this update, introducing S grade.. There's no other way to get cloth pieces other than killing baium and zaken or spending a ridiculous amount of money on baium boxes? All this new content, and we're supposed to play in B grade.. doesn't make sense.. I guess the only thing to do is have everyone OE B armor..
  2. Keep 0% on PvP death

    yall must not be on aden server.. cause its completely full of little girls that wont flag. 2-3 partys vs a 250 raid CC.. and still wont fight. Extremely sad
  3. May 15th update...

    Just saying.. They're releasing S grade and we can't unseal A grade without killing baium/zaken.. even then they only drop up 6 cloth pieces. makes no sense
  4. May 15th update...

    Soooooo you want to bring in S grade, when we cant even unseal A grade yet..? This baium box update is already ridiculous.. $2,000 I know about and not a single cloth piece.. At least make cloth pieces obtainable before releasing S grade..
  5. Server Merge post #2

    when's it happening? Aden and Gludio are dead. Wake up
  6. Server Merge

    If only someone important would reply to this.. if only if only
  7. Server Merge

    When's it coming? #waitingpatiently Server population on aden and gludio are dropping daily. Stop letting your servers die slowly everyday.
  8. Is it the beginning of the End?

    cant log three