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  1. NCWest XP Requirements

    Actually, I play the 2 version (Ncwest and Innova), I dont see any nerf. Ncwest had event of xp a few months ago with red libra, and we all know the update was really close but ppl say nothing. Innova say we have exp event after update, and was glorious, but in end was a 2 week event, now you get exactly same exp in both servers.
  2. Agathions

    I demand Nanatsu no Taizai agathions
  3. Support Ticket need help

    nobody cares
  4. Fafurion Update Trailer!

    pm me how to connect to Ru thx
  5. Tyrr Doombringer or Eviscerator

    With the kamael for pve use retri+sos and u have a very good damage
  6. rewards

    Flood with tauti, kelbim weapons and basic part armor r99 in the ncoin events
  7. Lineage II - June Preview

    There's not "Fair Start" on pay 2 win
  8. Novice Adventurer's Bracelet

    Thx for the info
  9. Lineage II - June Preview

    No, we don't want
  10. Someone remember which quest reward with this: https://l2wiki.com/Novice_Adventurer's_Bracelet
  11. Returned items...

    Even tier-2 clans have it
  12. Returned items...

    Far from defend ms or truffle, maybe they have ppl with very low latency against the server. What I mean is sound like improbable but isnt impossible. Anyway GM must check it
  13. Brooch BR (0 dmg difference)

    buff exploit? WTF I hardly doubt use buff pre-awekening can be called as exploid. He probably use Chant of Rage or maybe cat buff without sonatas, sos etc, since he is tyr maximize the crit. dmg is the way to follow.
  14. Kingscoobz down vs PVE-WYNN :D

    Next open your inventory and select gear
  15. Dummy for test damage

    Please add to aden again