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  1. help with summoner

    L2quote is right. Summoner is very good char for Solo PVE, but on PVP you will suffer a lot. Summoner is a very versatile char, with different builds available, you can either try to maximaze your Physical Damage ( Pets ) or your magical damage ( Marks ) . Check Summoner section maybe they have a build there. Either way the decision is yours since you enjoy playing this char. PS : Since you said you have money , the best char to Enjoy the game both PVE and PVP is by far Archer.
  2. Feoh gear

    Hi again, well i will be honest with you. Trying to farm in game even to equip one char will take you 10 years and this is not a joke. The game now starts @ 105, but even so you need gear to farm in any decent place. For example my Feoh ( 107 lvl ) can barely farm effectively in Storm Isle ( 40K / hour ) . That is with generally low gear ( +10 Bloody Robe , +14 Bloody Weapon , Bless Valakas , Abudance lvl 1, lvl 5 Forgoten Skills, lvl 4 jewels etch ), even so this gear is around 200B, and still very hard to solo effectively. ( For example a Good geared Feoh can farm 200KK/hour , but this means Gear worth around 800-1000B . IF you want to be casual player, you can start with either a +12 pve weapon, or a Enchanced shadow Retri, Normal Valakas or Istina Wizard, QA soul and Baium soul, Orfen soul and Antharas . What ever you add in your player try to increase your Magic Critical damage, that is the key in Feohs. PS : Prestige is decent boost . even in AFK you can gather around 150KK/ Day in Hellbound.
  3. help with summoner

    Hi there. All chars are good if you have good equipment. It's all down to how much money you are willing to spend and what are your expectations from the game ( PVE / PVP )
  4. Feoh gear

    Hi there Donatello. In order to help you , you have to define how much money you are willing to spend . Also your level and what you are actually trying to achieve. pve or pvp ?
  5. First Fafurion for Hybrid clan

    Nice job. The best thing is that finally some Good geared people moved away from MAX, and we might see some decent PVP in the coming sieges. Try to balance the Server and Have fun
  6. Evi & Feoh overpower?

    Actually i didn't believe that either, but then i saw a Video in youtube. ok the guy had Tons of Equipment ( lvl 6 Jewels ) and NCcoins ( Recharge Stones for Coal Mines ) . He did 1 -105 in 6 hours... With full b00sts. ( 1200% Bonus XP ) I luckily had an old char ( 85 lvl ) with free 200% Runes ( 1 Week ) + XP scrolls. It took me 4 Days to go 85 - 105 ( with pretty low gear , Kelbim Bow , +8 Twilight ) . I paied absolutely nothing, and i only played manually to enter Coal mines, rest was on macro. Coal mines have insane XP. Especially if you are Yull. Some people entered there 105.99 ( Full Boosts / 1350% XP ) and used also 6 X recharge stones, they exit = > 107+ ... ( 105- 107 ( 35% ) in 6 hours . As people say , you don't need to XP anymore, you can pay for XP
  7. Evi & Feoh overpower?

    Hi Via . I think you are doing something wrong . Firstly don't compare EVI ( Single Target ) with Yull and FEOH ( AOE ) . It makes sense that Evi will kill a single target faster than an AOE DD. I have all chars 105 ( Evi ( +13 Bloody ) , Yull ( Kelbim ) and Feoh ( +14 Bloody ) . I can assure you that Yull is best for AOE, cause of Multiple Arrow. If you run on Prestige this skill gathers mobs non stop and Yulls are by far the best for XP . Even my Yull with the Terrible KElbim bow was making same Power level with Feoh ( more items + Better weapon) . Not sure why you believe that your Yull doens't do damage. Do you compare vs people who run Bloody Runes? Is your Set up for PVE? ( Attributes etc? ) For pvp Feohs might seems unbeatable cause of Mana Barrier. But I can assure you , you can 2 shot every Feoh at your lvl and your gear if the don't have Mana Barrier on. If you are in Naia , we can do some tests for your damage ( pm me ) PS : Archer is by Far the best AOE and PVP char at the moment in game. ( Look all the Top Players - 80% Archers )

    @ConsiderThis mate you are right, but sadly as in life same in game, you will find good people, bad and stupid. The game have evolved in a way that favours the Bad ( mainly Cheates and RMT's) . I know for fact at least half of the Top 1 % on both servers are Cheaters , but due to lack of Live GM's they thrive . Don't listen to anyone in here who trolls you by saying kill the PK'er , most are either pay to win or just ignorant of the game. You have done the right thing to report this guy. PKing someone 1-2 times just for fun is acceptable and understandable, but when people start doing it systematically cause they have NO life, well this ruins the game experience of the casual player. Once again Broken game mechanics and rotten players ruin this game even more. The PK system should have been left untouched as it was, but due to lack of interest from the development team, they just made this temp fix of no penalty upon PK death. it's more than likely this person who PK's you is just bored cause he have nothing to do . The best solution to that is to ignore . You cannot reason a Stupid person. Take a break for 1-2 days . I am sure you will be fine
  9. queue problems

    190 people on Queue.... nothing more to be said. People who have lives and don't cheat wait in the queue, and RMT's, Bot Masters are logged in. Well done NCwest what a great Business model! Let's see how long you will keep the servers. Wake Up, the Community gives you great ideas, you just need to implement some.
  10. Ninja Adena Nerf

    @Juji Can you please investigate the 98% Decrease in Adena drop in LOC and PP. With Prestige pack before update = > 60-80K / Mob , after update 600 / 1500 Adena! Both these locations were not inlcuded in the Patch notes . It was already demotivating to watch People with TOP gear to gather 3-5 Bill / Hour , but at least these places offered a steady 200KK income per day which might sound low, but it was a reason for me to Run 2 Prestige packs . Please elaborate if this change was intended. Thank you! PS : Apart from the Adena Nerf, this Update seems really nice
  11. Sadly this is very true. Many Important information were not disclosed in the Patch notes. Not sure why Adena Nerfed once again almost 98% on couple of areas ( From 40K Adena down to 800 ) . It seems that the game is only Free to log in . There is no way to progress with out using the l2 store. I guess i have to Cancel prestige packs.
  12. With a quick calculation and very optimistic Enchant odds ( 80-70-60% Cumulative ) , it seems that you need around 7500 Sticks and 180K Freya Scrolls and you might have a chance to land a Dragon Weapon. So you need to spend $ 7500.00 just to have a chance! Yea what ever! That's why RMT thrive in NCwest servers cause prices are Insane and it's cheaper to buy items . I am sure there will be at least 4 people though you will spend this amount ! Good luck to them
  13. Sadly once again Ncwest shows how desperate is to gather as much money as possible. $ 100.00 for 100 boxes . This must be the most expensive event ever rolled out . Next update the game will be only Free to log in!
  14. account limits again?

    Hi Berom. Altough this is not probably the right post , i will give you some hints. Lineage 2 was a Party game. It was great until maybe GOD ( Goddess of Destruction ) 2012. Sadly the last 7 years the company ( NCsoft ) is trying to make as much money as possible since the game gone Free to play. Bot masters / RMT and Scripters killed the game very fast as it became harder and harder for legit people to progress with the same pace. Going forward to today the game play changed to almost solo ( or box chars ) . Bot masters and RMT's dominate everything along with coward well equiped people who spend tons of $$$ in the game shop . The game lost it's purpose : Party hunting / Clan activites / and War - Sieges. Despite all the negative comments from above you can still have fun. It's all down to your objective. What you seek from a game. Even if you spend $ 10.000 on nc coins and equip your char with Top gear, still there will be some people who will 1 shot you. ( Game is broken on pvp ) . You can still find a friendly clan and do fun stuff all together. i am not going to lie to you, there are no more places for Solo hunting adena, unless your char worths at least $ 10.000K and even so in future update Drops will be nerfed once again along with crafting system. Have fun , that is for Free
  15. Aden Has Fallen (Dim Siege)

    Hehe. no mate. I said gear not weapon! For sure your damage is great since you 1 shot most people, thus you have couple of Greater jewels , New epic jewels etc. You farm zariche easily so for sure you are well equipped. I just find it so frustrating that even extremely well equiped people can be 1 shotted. Once the survival / immune skills are down it's a 1 shot festival for all . The game is broken beyond repair