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  1. Ninja Adena Nerf

    Thank you both @Draecke & @Digitalmonk for your replies. I guess was too good to be true . Really loved these rates ! I calculated it would take me only 35 months to get my Dream Gear . Guess i need to do the maths with the new rates
  2. Streamers

    Just take into account that on both NCwest servers around 1000 active people are playing. Still there are couple of videos . Just seach in youtube Lineage 2 " Naia" or " Chronos" . You will see a fair amount of recent videos for XP / Enchanting and PVP
  3. Ninja Adena Nerf

    @Juji please investigate this issue . As per yesterday 11pm GMT the Adena drop reduced by 50% .
  4. Who are the strongest?

    Massacre is right if you refer to " Melee" Damage. If you want a Fighter though, then it's a no brainer ! Evi is the answer . By far the cheapest and most effective to run due to the OP skills ( SM and Distortion ) . ( For Solo ) For AOE it's entirely down to your preferences, as all other Chars need $$$ to be effective.
  5. Disconnect issues!

    8 accounts farmed nicely for 78 hours. Last night all got disconnected . Oh well probably deserve to rest for a bit. Will try later on again
  6. Lindivior Shooter

    Many Dragon weapons have been sold lately. It seems that the Major RMT's got news that in the forthcoming Events we will get an influx of Dragon weapons as rewards and they rushed to cash out their DW as soon as possible in order to get more $$$$. Even so with all the new items we get so rapidly a Dragon weapon is not so game changing anymore. Many people with DW lost in last Oly matches vs +20 R110 weapons.
  7. Hi there. I will share with you a Secret ! Based on NC coin purchase history your connection get redirected to either top Tier, Middle or Trash connection server ! Jokes aside , if your connection is not 100% stable or you are on Wifi don't expect to have a smooth game play. I recently went full Wireless on all 4 pc's and i see 1-2 sec lag on 2-3 out of 10 accounts, but still no biggie, most of times an RR will fix the issue. Try with Ethernet cable and disable antivirus ( usually useless ) . I am sure you will not have problems any more
  8. 2 Archers vs. 6 Archers

    Great Video, shows exactly how Broken the pvp mechanics of the game are. Once Defensive / Survival Skills are off, you either One shot the opponent or the opponent one shot you. So what is the moral of the story? Buy more NC exclusive items which give you more Immune / Survival time. They have really thought it through in NC! Great business model
  9. God Accessory 

    Qrokit you must be a smart and rich person based on your Gear. Like everyone already told you Lineage 2 is a Casino with the worst odds. Have you ever been to a real Casino ? Play Red 15 times in a row in Roulette and get 15 times black? that's is luck 50 -50 Chances The only secret i can share with you is the following : Never try to make or OE something in Lineage 2 , always buy them it's safer , cheaper and faster! ( especially people like you who can afford what ever they want )
  10. Thank you for sharing mate. It seems they nerfed drops overall in the game, but left instances unaffected !
  11. Error in Log in?

    Thank you Juji, just tried and logged in . Cheers!
  12. Just updated, cant run the game

    Same problem here 🙄. Cannot log in.
  13. Error in Log in?

    Same here. Tried many times still getting the error. Anyone know any fix?
  14. @Juji Can't log it Getting error : Log In <0> . Any idea how to solve this please?

    Hi Adan, and welcome back. Switch to your Main class and take the Quest from " Tarti" in Gludio . This will help you go 99 in No time and give you some useful equipment. As soon as you finish the chain Quest, speak to NPC in Aden ( to take Dual Class ) . You will receive more items upon completion. Also the journey for both these Chain Quests is pretty good. ( When you start the Dual class quest you will recieve full equipment for your dual, so make a wise decision - Maybe try to select a dual that shares equipment with your main ) . Have fun