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  1. Ninja Adena Nerf

    @Juji Can you please investigate the 98% Decrease in Adena drop in LOC and PP. With Prestige pack before update = > 60-80K / Mob , after update 600 / 1500 Adena! Both these locations were not inlcuded in the Patch notes . It was already demotivating to watch People with TOP gear to gather 3-5 Bill / Hour , but at least these places offered a steady 200KK income per day which might sound low, but it was a reason for me to Run 2 Prestige packs . Please elaborate if this change was intended. Thank you! PS : Apart from the Adena Nerf, this Update seems really nice
  2. Sadly this is very true. Many Important information were not disclosed in the Patch notes. Not sure why Adena Nerfed once again almost 98% on couple of areas ( From 40K Adena down to 800 ) . It seems that the game is only Free to log in . There is no way to progress with out using the l2 store. I guess i have to Cancel prestige packs.
  3. With a quick calculation and very optimistic Enchant odds ( 80-70-60% Cumulative ) , it seems that you need around 7500 Sticks and 180K Freya Scrolls and you might have a chance to land a Dragon Weapon. So you need to spend $ 7500.00 just to have a chance! Yea what ever! That's why RMT thrive in NCwest servers cause prices are Insane and it's cheaper to buy items . I am sure there will be at least 4 people though you will spend this amount ! Good luck to them
  4. Sadly once again Ncwest shows how desperate is to gather as much money as possible. $ 100.00 for 100 boxes . This must be the most expensive event ever rolled out . Next update the game will be only Free to log in!
  5. account limits again?

    Hi Berom. Altough this is not probably the right post , i will give you some hints. Lineage 2 was a Party game. It was great until maybe GOD ( Goddess of Destruction ) 2012. Sadly the last 7 years the company ( NCsoft ) is trying to make as much money as possible since the game gone Free to play. Bot masters / RMT and Scripters killed the game very fast as it became harder and harder for legit people to progress with the same pace. Going forward to today the game play changed to almost solo ( or box chars ) . Bot masters and RMT's dominate everything along with coward well equiped people who spend tons of $$$ in the game shop . The game lost it's purpose : Party hunting / Clan activites / and War - Sieges. Despite all the negative comments from above you can still have fun. It's all down to your objective. What you seek from a game. Even if you spend $ 10.000 on nc coins and equip your char with Top gear, still there will be some people who will 1 shot you. ( Game is broken on pvp ) . You can still find a friendly clan and do fun stuff all together. i am not going to lie to you, there are no more places for Solo hunting adena, unless your char worths at least $ 10.000K and even so in future update Drops will be nerfed once again along with crafting system. Have fun , that is for Free
  6. Aden Has Fallen (Dim Siege)

    Hehe. no mate. I said gear not weapon! For sure your damage is great since you 1 shot most people, thus you have couple of Greater jewels , New epic jewels etc. You farm zariche easily so for sure you are well equipped. I just find it so frustrating that even extremely well equiped people can be 1 shotted. Once the survival / immune skills are down it's a 1 shot festival for all . The game is broken beyond repair
  7. Aden Has Fallen (Dim Siege)

    Hi there. Nice video. Proves again how broken the game is. How it feels to get one shoted with all your gear? Game is seriously faulty in pvp.
  8. Guys it's not rocket sience ! It's all about Demand and supply! You can have tons of bots, but if nobody would RMT these bots would go out of business and eventually leave the game. Sadly the RTM's ( BOT masters ) know that people are Inpatient by nature ( especially gamers) and thus they sell their goods for $$$. No bots = Live Gm's = Healthy server = low prices = slow progression Bots = Unheatly Server / Extremely high prices / RMT = Lost cause Have fun with what you have !
  9. Hi Degamad, sorry for late reply, haven't logged lately . High grade stones are Cheaper compared to Top grade that's the only difference. Apparently with TOP grade you get better augments, but NCrandom . With TOP grade you have more chances to get the 15% , but they might set you back on adena.... ( I would probably keep the 5.25% for now , and wait for event with either free augmentation removal, or Top grade stones are reward. If you are loaded and determined though you can try till you achieve it.
  10. Boss Istina

    Well if you do only Epics it takes a lot of time to lvl up. and of course you can always delevel them . Nowdays you just need 1 stacked DD / party and you can farm what ever you want ( within your limits / Gear wise )
  11. Boss Istina

    nope, all my duals on 20 chars are 101 lvl and they will stay there for ever
  12. change main with chaos essence?

    All the Race Specific skill sadly will reset to 0 . Only the skills that are shared between Feohs will remain. Check here https://l2wiki.com/Feoh_Storm_Screamer Kamael gets bonus on PVP . it's not the best but neither the worst to have as a Hybrid Char. Kamael Race as a Stormscreamer.
  13. Boss Istina

    I do istina 4 times a week. Max level for drops is 101 ( for the DD who deals most damage ) support can be 105 no problem. Drops are indeed kind of Random . 4 out of 10 i get a Rune + crafting pack. 4 out of 10 i get a crafting pack or a full drop. 1 out of 10 can get a shirt etc and finally 1 out of 10 you get nothing! Only the Gems
  14. I am really wondering. are there more than 300 live players in the servers that will pay for xp b00sts? what's the point to get xp b00st? you can xp non stop for free. Why pay to get 110 faster? still you will be one shot
  15. yeap. it's trial and error. completely random to get the augment you need. Like I said before maybe wait for an event where you don't have removal fee. cause it costs 8.5KK every time you remove the augment