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  1. Many people debate this. If you try both Classes with Same items you get the below results ( Both Classes 110 lvl + ) PVP : Feoh will Win vs a Yull due to Arcane Barrier and more survival skills PVE : Yull does 2 X more Damage / Adena farm than Feoh. ( Especially on Instances ) ( P Skill critical Damage gets Crazy in game b00st along with 100% P SKill Critical Rate compared to 33% M critical ) XP : Both classes are equably fast to lvl up. Makes your selection and move on. Game was always broken with malfunctioning mechanics. PS : Just check how many Yulls are own
  2. @Juji Hi there. Any chance you can add a 30 Days vitality maintain rune? XP server b00st is great, but with out VP maintain , there isn't really a great incentive to get players to buy additional xp b00st items.
  3. @Juji Hi there. Can you please advise if Server transfer will finally open? all other Global Official Servers offer this service. Many people are waiting for 2 years now for this service to resume. Please advise if and when this will be enabled. Even if the answer is negative we can then create new characters to other servers. Thank you in advance for your reply.
  4. Hi there, what class you are? Both Yulls and Mages are glass Cannons, if they don't evade damage they can be very easily killed.
  5. @Juji @Hime Thank you for all your efforts. We appreciate the 1 week extension of the XP b00st event ! We applaud the mix of Free Events with pay to win ( Halloween) . Please keep up the positive attitude. Thank you for listening to the community and took a turn in the right direction. Keep up the great work! PS : Better to take your time and even extend the maintenance for 3 more hours, so you can ensure there is no need for further emergency maintenance.
  6. @Juji We understand that you have to do this emergency maintenance, but the time is inappropriate. EU people with Paid Runes will lose 7-8 hours of XP and all this to fix what exactly? What couldn't wait until tomorrow afternoon or Monday? Please try to be more respectful to your clients. PS : 100% 1 hour buff is a not really a compensation
  7. Hi all. Since we now running the Dragon weapon event, I thought to make a discussion regarding their damage. I carried out some Test with several toons and it appears that although DW have very high P attack / M attack , their Final Damage boost is not so impressive. PVE : DW don't have any special boost for PVE so when you compare them with Bloody weapons, the Final Damage output depends on the Over enchant level of the Bloody weapon. Example 1 : Eviscerator / Level 108 / R99 Bloody weapon + 13 / Exalted Gear . The Damage boost from Dragon weapon was around 35%. ( P attack Differe
  8. @Juji & @Hime thank you very much for a great Free event
  9. @Juji @Hime Any news for Server transfers? Is this gona come back at all ?
  10. @GroupCaster are you new here ? Cheaters / Botters and RMT's rule the NCwest servers due to lack of live GM's. That is been going on for ever. 80% of Top 150 on both servers are NOT leggit . All big clans are driven by RMT leaders who have ruined the game. When money are involved , fairness goes out of the window. Welcome to the real world !
  11. @Juji HI there, any news with Server Transfers?
  12. Free2play


    @PhantomR If you to see who is the most effective, just check what class the Biggest farmers play. Archers is by far the most effective to farm for PVE. Not sure why people have the impression that you need to spend more money on Archers. This is a big lie. I can assure you that by all classes with same equipment , Archers is the best for pve. The rest is down to your personal preferences on what class / Style you like. Some Yull equipment is for sure more expensive compared to other classes, but that is all down to Demand on the server. 65% of Top 150 are Archers what do you expec
  13. NCwest is by far the worst Servers to play ln2. We always get nerfed events with Overpriced items, but yet again there are still people spending $ 1000 / month in a 15 year old game. I met 4 new players who started 2 months ago and they have spend more than $ 2000 already. B0ters and RMT's running wild with their Dragon weapons and every on else is enganing in a futile effort to level up in hopes they will get stronger. GM's ? Non existant
  14. @MrE That is really great Idea. If this is implemented I am sure NCwest will have to open 4 new servers! @Juji Please Consider this option! It balances the game and will create Huge profit for your company!
  15. Hello @Samanosuke and welcome bak! In order to help you more efficinetly you have to define two things first. What is your Budget ( Adena ) and what are your goals ( PVE - PVP - Sieges ) . Then we can focus to your needs
  16. @Rodah Sounds good mate. I asked the question for the dual in case i could save you from wasting your time, but it seems you have a solid plan. Best of luck. Enjoy the game
  17. Answer = > NCwest aka NCfail didn't uploaded the full Anniversary Event as other regions had. Once again they reduced Rewards and all means of free items to be in line their Money grabbing policies As we have seen many times in the past, the anniversary coins will just be deleted at the end with out any explanation from the Customer service
  18. HI @Rodah. It seems you have done a pretty good budget build there. I would only advise couple more things : 1) Octavis warrior Ring (15% CD ) 2) Octavis Warrior Necklace 5%Pattack + Skill CD. Not sure what server you are , but normally these are around 1 - 1.5B each. On a side note though why you want to lvl up your dual ? This actually consumes times from your main. 105 for Dual is more than ok at this stage of the game. You won't get any benifits if you level it up to let's say 108
  19. Sadly Scammers / Cheaters exists both in Real life and in games. It's entirely our responsibility to safeguard out selfs and maybe worn others. @iAndouille altough your intention to warn others publicly is morally correct, sadly this will be in conflict with the EULA of the game and as others saied before you might get your self into trouble. Life is not fair , neither the game . You can only warn your Clannies / Friends and that will be the end of it. The whole gift NC coin concept is wrong and actualy ruins the game. Non of the NC store items should be tradable and this would mini
  20. Hi @msEVE , Go to Clan > Clan Quest > Last Tab > Bottom Quest. Every 2 mentees that graduate you get 2 Scrolls. ( you don't get 1 by 1 ) . There is nothing you need to , just collect the 2 Scrolls when 2 Mentees graduate, repeat until you have 12.
  21. Hi @Get2ThePoint , sorry for late reply but busy weekend on PS4 haha. If you search in youtube Isabella , you will find couple of videos of 1 DD + ( 1 ISS ) to kill the RB alone. Game is broken beyond repair . Sadly what started as a Clan / CP game , now it turned into a Solo AFK money spending game. Sometimes i wonder if there is a purpose to play this anymore
  22. Hello Poxy. Sadly Ln2 is free to play but if you want to progress you need to pay . I will give you a quick tip. Exalted Gear = > Farm 2-3 level Mobs and areas below you Character level. +12 Weapon / +8/+10 armor/ Epic Jewels = > Farm -1 Level as your char. [ $ 50 - 100 / Month ] +15 Weapon / Bloody Armor / Epic Jewels / Cloack + Boosts = > Farm Same level as your char or +1 [ $ 100 - 300 / Month ] ++++ Weapon / +10 Blood Armor / God Jewels / Cloack + Every boost available = > You can farm what ever you like ( Whale Style spender / 1-2% of Server populati
  23. This is a Ninja nerf that Only NCwest implement in order to push they spenders to Purchase Rune stones with Hero coins. It's all about the money. Don't listen to Socketa / Mixa and other old players who have already 20 + chars @ 105 and dont' need Rune stones. Dimensional Raid is a Joke ( I don't believe Neither of those players waited 2 weeks for 1 Rune stone ) . Knowing NCwest policies though i won't be suprised if they Put Rune stones in L2 Store
  24. Hello Ezulan. With Free gear you will not be able to farm in Any area same as your char's level. Even if you make a full party still the xp will be slow . This game is Free to play , but if you want to progress fast you need to pay. I am not a big fun payment either but this is the truth. Old days having a party of chars was good as you could solo some instances and make some extra Adena. At the current stage of the game there is no point to log more than 2 chars. Your main DD and an ISS . Focus on your DD. For Auto macro @ 102 you should stay in Blazing swamp till 103 -104 . Daily Coal mines
  25. Sadly NCwest cares only for Big spenders, which are Yull and Feohs at the moment. These classes are not affected at all from the lag, so it's business as usual. All other melee classes are almost unplayable, but nobody cares for the minority of players. 99% of Whales on both servers are Yulls + Feohs .
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