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  1. So is botting legal now?

    Automated Hunting System
  2. More Skins, Less P2W

    The games that give more money to the owners are not PW2.
  3. Why instead of selling items, do not sell skins? Aside from running out of P2W, it's a lot more fun. My Tips: - New faces, new hair and new colors (paid); - All mounts have the same skin but sell different skins; - Change the color of the enchant (paying), leave green, yellow, purple; - Different clothes to wear in the city. But put on mediaeval clothing; - Skins for armor, leave a Blue Wolf with a different look, for example. - Pets. Being able to have pets, even without functions, but varied types and colors.
  4. Today I just logged in and got a shower of spam. It's like I said, just someone from the NC Soft enter and teleport to the villages and you'll see how a chaos is. I took a screenshot to see, it's all the time getting spam ads. I always denounce but nothing happens and it's getting worse every day. I censored the ad sites, otherwise I might be blocked and they would not. Already starting to have competition between bots. They stand disputing which one sends more adena adena sale.
  5. The queues are gigantic, even VIP takes hours to log in at the end of the week. That's because the servers have limits. But who occupies these vacancies? A lot of them are bots. Actually, a player with money is not a better player. But in Classic there are no novices, many experienced players, but it is very difficult to get an item. It is a long time to gather adena and buy a weapon D. With bot this changes, the person leaves the bot joining adena and buys the weapon D.
  6. My sugestion Place NC Soft employees 24 hours a day (reversing). It does not have to be GM, it can be a normal player. They log in and teleport from city to city (do this every X minutes). Saw someone selling adena, just banish it. The sale of adena only happens because it compensates the evildoers. They may even be banned, but this takes time, it is time enough to create other characters. It is impossible for you to teleport to a village and not have someone selling adena. I always denounce (Block Adena Sale Ads), but nothing happens. I challenge NC Soft to travel to a villa and not receive spam from vendors of adena.
  7. Where are the spiders? The adena quest is now a lost time quest.
  8. My topics have been removed in the forum. I received a message stating that they do not agree with the rules, which is not in the proper language. Then you should put the posting rules right at the beginning of the forum, clear and easy to access. Thank you.