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  1. The only place you'll ever be PK is in "Monster Race", you know why? To go to "Monster Race" you need to use normal GK. In L2 a PK cannot use normal GK nor talk to any other NPC, just use global GK. You have a global GK failure that accepts PK, or a failure on NPCs that do not accept to talk to PK.
  2. When a hero speaks, the message is highlighted everywhere. But when you go to fight, the message a few minutes before appears quietly. Sometimes it takes more than 10 minutes after registration to enter the arena. In the meantime the buffs are gone and the message of moving to the arena appears in the middle of them, so it goes unnoticed, giving no time to renew the buffs. If it is not too much to ask (apparently the forum is ignored), they would have to highlight the message to make the game better prepared. Thanks for the comprehension. Sorry to take your precious time.
  3. So we are asking for a return.
  4. If you try to use NPC GK, there is no way. But global GK works perfectly for PK. See how meaningless it is.
  5. To date in no other version on L2, a PK character can use GK. So it's not part of the game's story.
  6. Only adena sellers bots have the patience to keep clicking "to village" and returning to the spot every 10 minutes. That's because they are bots and they do it automatically.
  7. If you read the post, you will see that the goal is not to end PKs. It's just that they can't pick up teleport. In all the chronicles so far, the character PK spoke to NPC or even took teleport. But now it catches easily. As I said above and repeat: @Hime @Juji Any answers?
  8. But it has 2 PK for each character. Only bot that can, that gives "to village" and returns to the spot automatically. Real play can't do that much with PK. The NC really likes is bot.
  9. You can only block the teleport. A simple line of code, a simple "if". Teleport to "Wall of Argos" costs 15,000 adena per char. You teleport every 10 minutes. PK favors only adena sellers.
  10. I get Blessing Protection, but attack me with PK of the same level. If I don't retaliate, I die, if I retaliate, I lose protection and have to return to town or die to the next high level PK.
  11. And I've killed a lot of PKs and never dropped anything.
  12. They lost a lot of time implementing a revenge system that didn't work. It's expensive, or the PK is in town, or teleports again. The simplest and cheapest solution in the world is to block teleportation. Want to give PK? It goes running.
  13. Every day, every hour everywhere has PK killing you to take your spot. You kill PK and 1 minute later he's back. When he will die, he teleports. It's in Ruins, it's Cruma, Dragon Valley, Wall of Argos. Want to give PK, give, but should go running. The Revenge system is of no use. They wasted time implementing this while the simple solution was to just block teleport. Why, @Hime @Juji?
  14. @Hime And the drop Earth Spirit Rough Jewel?
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