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  1. Login queue, monster lag, frequent disconnect and last but most importantly there is no pt to do daily
  2. I don't think so, i am iss 101 all the time I am logged in is so hard to find a pt without iss
  3. I don't know if this is a bug but have this special area i will use it When i log only one char i can i can stay on until next server maintenance, but when i log my box i can't stay alive for long time, i get dc with my all box, and i talked with friend they told the same thing
  4. Today i got two dc in row, and dificult to loggin
  5. Not only in DDoS, when, for some reason, have a delay in maintenance GM respawn Tersi
  6. Since GM Juji left lineage we don't see compensation when this happens, and sometimes Juji give us xp rune in L2 Galleria
  7. Now you know why freya server almost die, and one clan took possession of all epic boss
  8. i have accepted name with suffix 22, is it reversible?
  9. After merge i lost my name, how can i take is back
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