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  1. Congratulations my friend. You only spoke truths.
  2. I do not understand why they have not solved the login problem for so many people yet. And the worst is knowing that if it is solved, the disadvantaged will have to settle for some silly event and will not value the time and money lost. I am increasingly satisfied that NCsoft only thinks of profit and is not worried about its playres. Obs: Sorry for bad English, but my indignation is no longer bearable.
  3. Adena Amount vs GK Prices

    I honestly believe that it is already more than at the time of the Rate of Adena being corrected. You do not have to be a very informed person to see that the adena drop is too low. I also believe that the amounts charged in the "GK" are at least double what should actually be charged. I believe that soon the NCSOFT team will solve these problems, before more players end up leaving. @Hime @Juji