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  1. if you have ever played a maestro or if you have the slightest clue about how game mechanics work, no wait. scratch that. if you have ANY clue about how percentages work you d understand that 30% of 1m might be 300k. that leaves you with 700k to go. which means -280k which leaves you with 420k. that means 126k which leaves you with 294k. which means next hit is gonna be 88.2k. which leaves you with 205.8k. next is gonna be 61.74k. which leave you with 144.06k. you see where this is going? if you are so strong you can survive all this time from a mob that is well outside your range then d
  2. @Juji @Hime Help me out cause I m a bit confused here. So in the new Olympiad system we fight only ppl from our own server but compete on points between both servers ? Because if we are supposed to fight ppl from both servers I think there might be a mistake on the times you posted since they are 1h apart
  3. You are so delusional and so brainwashed that you can find a full party from a clan that only has two members. I m not gonna ask in what case it was “alone ppl” since on both videos you outnumber us. Your video is me vs you plus your bots which actually don’t interfere so it’s a 1v1. Well ofc you felt the need to call your daddy to help you but guess what. He doesn’t care. second video is 2 vs a full party which you can actually see chasing us until we turn around and they run for their lives. Including a hero yull that can actually 1 shoot me. So keep being proud and keep believing wha
  4. Poor little pony (who was obviously doing the same thing as DreamySomething was doing there), couldnt even transform a feoh with full defensive skills (since his main happens to be a healer), was spamming defensive skills (along with a little Tanza 6 that can make him so proud) against a feoh without sonatas. But, for full disclosure, little DreamySomething for sure could never kill an active dominator with tanza 6. Truth be told though for those who didnt notice party members being dead, in the end little pony has to use a mysterious scroll on him at the same time as crying in clan chat for h
  5. Hello, i was told to post here something that as i see lately many people asking in shouts and on pms. The heavenly enchant scrolls, both weapon and armor, are confusing lots of players since they read "Unable to use on normal weapons enchanted over +12 and magic +7" (for the weapon one) and "Unable to use on armors enchanted over +7" (for the armor ones). This means that +12, +7 and +7 are able to receive the enchantment making the item eligible to get with a 100% chance to +13, +8 and +8 respectively which is incorrect. So when you have the chance please make it so that it r
  6. @Hime so the point of having multiple means of communication (forums, twitter etc) is to ignore us on all of them?
  7. @Hime Really now on the last weekend of olympiad you are going to take away 1 hour and 40 mins of it?
  8. @Juji Hello, i can understand that this instance is supposed to be hard and that is supposed not to let you go up to +10 with the first try. BUT I would strongly suggest not to extend the event. Simple reasoning: those who struggle to do it will get perhaps a +1-+2 bracelet and will be happy. But those who can easily farm it will take advantage of the extension and go for the +10, creating a huge gap between the intended help to be given and the outcome. Humble suggestions: a)in case of extension: make the dungeon limited on entrances calculating a maximum enchantment po
  9. Hello, WTS Dark Bow +12 Body(6) / Fire(5) - Holy 300 WTS/T Dark Retributer +10 Body(5) / HP Acumen(5) / Sigel - 300 Fire WTS/T Eternal Robe Set: Circlet +8, Tunic Blessed +9, Stockings Blessed +9, Gloves Blessed +8, Shoes Blessed +8 Mail me / respond here or Mail DreamCraftVI in game
  10. WTS/T Lindvior Cutter Lv. 1 pm/mail Z1000
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