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  1. i know. read what i've said when the event ends on January 20th i'll collect the 25th reward and i'll miss the other 3
  2. The day the attendance check event ends i'll get my 25th out of 28 rewards. I've returned to the game after years of being inactive , 3 days after this attendance started and i hope they will at least extend this for a week it'd be awesome
  3. 24h passed and i still cannot purchase ncoin. @Juji @Hime
  4. "an error has occured please try again later" why?
  5. Do you realize that we are in 2018 and your servers cannot host more than 6k players (each one) at the same time? You are the ONLY "gaming" company out there that has this low server capacity. Do you realize that the Classic Project went so good that made a lot of players around the world wanna join it and cannot play? Do you realize that players spent the 2nd weekend facing the huge login queue and then the client closed? and many more! Stop milking ONLY money and hire staff if you cannot handle this job by yourselves. Start treating your players AS players! Wha
  6. i got them today. it's urgent because i wanted the ncoins to be on my char immediately to buy from store to play
  7. I only bought 400 ncoin. Still haven't received them. i am going to sleep it's 4 am here and i will check it tomorrow. Thanks for your reply tho.
  8. i just bought ncoin and i do not have them on my char. 20 minutes passed already what should i do
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