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  1. ??? I think this is going to be a very nice event. so many free great items for 2 weeks. I am going to enjoy it
  2. keen to know, to me, it looks like impossible
  3. Well, based on your item list, I assume you haven't or forget to get the exalted quest rewards. If so, get them. 1st exalted quest gives you seed bracelet 2nd gives you, lv3 ruby, diamond, opal, emerald, talisman hellfire, dragon shirt.
  4. Based on my experience, not to choose earth or dark because more mobs are these elements, and for the rest, I don't think the difference is very big. (I prefer holy or wind, because these 2 are againts dark or earth :D) for jewelry, the basic set up is ruby, red eye, opal, emerald, diamond (or aquamarine). the higher level the better. Focus on ruby, red eye and opal first and make them Lv4. and then unless you have lots lots of adena later, forget upgrade gewelry, and focus on other items, like (artifact, seed bracelet) Try to save adena and buy items directly from other, DO NOT TRY
  5. Jokerzz


    kkk, thx BTW, can I ask the effect of spirit of golem and force of golem? I switched 1 of my box to Maestro during red libra. Reading the effect from spirit of golems, it looks very strong. but in game, I didnt feel that powerful of the skills (I mean the effect is not like dagger's Half Kill, very obvious) , and the main damage is still from the skills or auto attack. Did i use this skill wrong? And also for the forc of golem, beside of the skill effect changed from orange to green-blue. There should be a x5 damage when trigger, but I actually didn't feel any effect. or d
  6. After maintenance, they said the accessory aug is fixed. so i did another little set of test here are the result with exact same set up as above Triple sonic slash (without Potential Force) 1. 25 crit hits / 50 hits 2. 24 crit hits / 50 hits 3. 20 crit hits / 50 hits 4. 30 crit hits / 50 hits 5. 26 crit hits / 50 hits 6. 27 crit hits / 50 hits Total 152 crit his / 300 hits = 50.666% crit rate Triple sonic slash (with Potential Force) 1. 8 crit hits / 18 hits 2. 9 crit hits / 18 hits 3. 11 crit hits / 18 hits 4. 9 crit
  7. Hi, LF advice between the 2 sets https://dev.l2central.info/main/articles/490.html?lang=en +10 blessed exalted set effect as above.
  8. I did little test with above items and skills, here are the outcomes Triple sonic slash (without Potential Force) 1. 20 crit hits / 50 hits 2. 21 crit hits / 50 hits 3. 16 crit hits / 50 hits 4. 17 crit hits / 50 hits 5. 17 crit hits / 50 hits 6. 15 crit hits / 50 hits 7. 24 crit hits / 50 hits 8. 22 crit hits / 50 hits Total 152 crit his / 400 hits = 38% crit hits Triple sonic slash (with Potential Force) 1. 3 crit hits / 16 hits 2. 6 crit hits / 16 hits 3. 5 crit hits / 17 hits 4. 12 crit hits / 17 hits 5.
  9. Now I switch my main to Duelist, thx for red libra and stone of destiny Items updates for skill crit rates +6 cancer (6%) +12 Atlas earing aug (5%) +5 Bless Angel earing (4%) +6 Angel ring aug (5%) AP (10%) +8 Artifact skill crit rate balance (7%) thx for the artifact sales Weapon SA (10%) POM (25%) Potential Force (?? unkown % increase, it only said greatly increase skill crit rate) I havent done an actual skill crit rate test, but i feel that the skill crit rate is greater than 1/3, because when i use tripple sonic slash, sonic fl
  10. @Juji @Hime Plz help us. it is very unplaybe today.
  11. Very true, today is worst. never lag like this.. it is unplayable!!! Please help us @Juji @Hime..
  12. Jokerzz


    Hi Rodah May I check which Tyrr got the highest P.skill Crit Rates?
  13. at the moment. I have got +6 cancer (6% rate), Altas earing aug (3% rate). plus POM (25%), AP (10% rate) I did small text on titan. not big data, but it was like 49 crits over 279 skill use (Mega Strike), so it is like 17.56% skill critical rate. I will do similar test when i switch weapon SA to skill crit rate (18% that I could get max for now)
  14. thx for your replys. I read something on 4 game forums. "like duelist has tripple sonic slash, sonic slash (they have higher basic skill critical rate, i mean not 10%, its easier to crit with them)" and if this is true, then I think build skill crit duelist may work for pve. So, Looking for tyrr duelist player to confirm this information? many thanks
  15. Hi guys I am currently playing titan as dual class, and think if it is good to switch to duelist (Only PVE) items that i got for my titan are +12 Bloody R110 Slahser, 3SA, Augment +17% P.Atk Critical Damage +8 Bloody light set earth wyrm heart ring, +12 atlas earing, blessed antharas, blesssed valakas, baium soul ring +4 Ruby, +4 opal, +4 diamond, +4 emerald, +3 red cat Insanity, 7 sign, Abu Lv1, Protection stage 8, venir stage 16, sayha stage 4 +4 radiant circlet of authority (PVE damage +5% augment) +10 elmore cloak (PVE damage +5% augment)
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