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  1. Hm so maybe those that get banned were afk outside the zone or the theory is wrong
  2. Here is a theory. Maybe its not NCSOFT anti bot system. Maybe its the adena sellers using multiple accounts bot button on a single afk person (a shop maybe) and he gets the captcha but he is afk and cant click it. Why would they do it? To compromise the system so they avoid banning by that system. If a lot of innocent people get banned and they rage on forums/tickets NCSOFT might think of shutting down that system or at least avoid ban by hiding in the crowd. If its so maybe ncsoft should prevent the captcha check for shops or if char is not on combat (maybe its working this way who knows
  3. Bro i have 3 characters and i am getting those rewards every day since day one of the event. All i got is 2 EWD and bunch of lolipops.
  4. First i was like "ha finally ncsoft banning botters and these botters cryin gon forums" But now i found out that one of the guys i play with has his fresh created box (he rerolled) banned. I know he is not botting as nobody of us is so i guess some sh1t really went wrong.
  5. Let us make the pay to win even more pay to win and make ncsoft coins tradable.
  6. Much philosophy much wow. And yes i am "know" to this game.
  7. I see Gludio server light all the time and in Aden i never had to wait. Everyone wants to get his ass in Giran for some reason, but in classic the leveling zones are very limited and if NCSOFt open and handle 6000 slots in one server than players will be more than mobs. The sh1t will be too overcrowded to play and than you will cry that too little leveling zones are made.
  8. And those that steal the mobs from my dorf. Last night some tards were stealing my mobs so i trained them and stun them till they all die ^.^
  9. Bug. And the worse part is they took out the right click toggle from shots on the bar. Wasted good amount of BSSD this way.
  10. What are those methods? I would also like to collect such data - legally.
  11. I did the dungeon of abyss last night and seems hard for non range person, but anyway i want to ask about the second part. If i kill that special keyholder mob i get a key to enter inside the boss room (Condemned of Infinity or Condemned of Abyss). The questions i have are: 1. Can you enter with party? 2. Does all party members need the key or only party leader? 3. How hard is it? 4. If you do it in party all party members have chance to get the quest item or it might go to one person only? For instance you have party of 9 you kill it and take 5 items total. (i kn
  12. But than how can ncsoft mine cryptocurrency with your machine? Those salaries are not getting paid by themselves.
  13. And here we are in 2018 where botters complain to staff that players harassing them. PS:Sorry if you are not a boter but where ever i go i have to compete with bots for the mobs and its getting very annoying.
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