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  1. Im stuck in game .. I cant log off... please fix this... I want to stop playing but the game wont let me log off... Been more then 24 hours and they say: How about taking a break... But I cant exit game... Please fix this
  2. Necromancer or Sorcerer.

    Nah Spellhowler are not the best in pvp...
  3. Ok we get your message... BUT YOU DONT NEED TO BE INTELLIGENT TO RECOGNIZE A BOT... SHOULD NOT BE HARD TO PAY SOMEONE TO BAN THEM ALL... FFS just do it and dont say it... We report them and nothing happen... Seriously step it up
  4. Necromancer or Sorcerer.

    To be honest, I had the same struggle .. Sorc or Necro... and I went for NECRO! To be honest... I dont regret it a bit... yes Death Spike cost a lot of adena... But you dont need to use it all the time... I can still 2 shots mobs with blaze and I'm lvl 45 atm. Our big burst skill is at 50... ok it might seem a long way but with the 2 dailys 35-50 ( 3 mil XP ) and 45-60 ( 7 mil XP ) and on top of the Abyss daily quest witch can lead you to a Dimensional blessing ( 37 mil xp and 1.11 mil sp ) ... you'll be 50 faster then you think.. Of course it's way easier boxing with a SE and PP if your goal is to play solo all the time.. but saying that NECROMANCER is SO HARD to play and to level up... No its really not that bad.. And trust me.. when it comes to PVP ( The Fun Part IMO ) You're going to REGRET going Sorc over NECRO