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  1. dont forget about the pansies that will report you fore harassment if you do pk them over and over....this game so screwed up if you want to pvp/pk...
  2. So what this @lime suppose to be doing? welcome to sinking ship, hope you brought a bailing bucket.
  3. 100 top players in game...90% of em run alt toons. chances are you mess/pk a party, you gonna get payback. be a pvp toon or dont...its risky to try to be both.
  4. so happy to see new blood replacing the old tainted corrupt blood
  5. last time i did a server transfer I had to have the name I wanted of toon I wanted to transfer on the server I wanted to go to. so for VOO to transfer to another server, I needed to have a level 1 toon named VOO on new server. much easier to just make new toons on both servers. hopefully process is easier now...
  6. no worries...working as designed. its a way to waste your money done by shrugging shoulders and blaming the sun/moon.
  7. smells like mobs gonna get harder soon
  8. people only play this game when its possible to make money...just sayin.
  9. Hope Juji knocks it out of the park after years of crap.
  10. If yuour rates have always been crap...how would you know if they been nerfed?
  11. I havent gotten anything from any event since I have returned to game and you dont wanna know how much I have spent. usually 1000 a month at the low end....
  12. this is awesome...bet juji cant make this game harder or more expensive...he cant do anything positive except make his boss money...and since he only has 1 server to work with...and cant ban anyone/bots...just keep making it more expensive....thanks. my clan down from60 to around 10 in last 3 months loooooooool
  13. @juji just ask nova to get korean ncsoft bosses to fix...they have better connections than you.
  14. the lag since update...is it intentional nerf? Im losing from 4b an hr to 2.5b an hr now.....thats alot....for me. fix your shit.
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