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  1. 30 days without anything on the news page for this game is quite honorable...you guys on vacation or just gave up?
  2. this game so ezpz...you know the rules...so get your act together and farm the heck out of the game or dont. whats so complicated?
  3. can we get an expansion on adena limit held by toon? its pretty annoying to have to keep creating new toons just to hold more adena?
  4. 99% of the gm's dont know anything about this tiny lil niche game and they cant give you any feedback so what do you expect? thanks for the tip we banned em all?
  5. game is so much more fun when you dont spend money or gamble
  6. Lindvior was most challenging back when i did raid bosses. do they still exist?
  7. maybe @juji has decided no more xp events?
  8. everything matters in this game. but somethings offer more value than others. attack attribute is one of the harder things in game to achieve. so the answer is yes, its worth it.
  9. dont just make 1, make 7 accounts so at least you have a party. tank. heal, iss , tyr and some archers
  10. lots of big spenders have moved on from @Juji not so much the game. they must know something we dont. I wish after playing last 18 months this game was more rewarding...but it just isnt. everyone knows I try to spend some money....but odds just are not there.
  11. preach brother/sister....i have tried to make a +9 fighting spirit artifact to +10 30x now over the last year! 15% pskill power on my cloak took like 250 or so tries
  12. of course my luck hasnt changed....10 attempts from 9->10 all poof. Im 0-30 now....why even try?
  13. sweet been trying since last event to go from +9 to +10....wonder how much it gonna cost me to get my red artifact finally to 10
  14. they changed the rules on amount of adena u can server transfer....maybe they change amount of adena a toon can hold now so they dont put players at risk selling ncoin and trades for 1 trillion adena plus items....what you say @Juji?
  15. Im too Kool for school...but what/where/when can I gamble/lose on somethin new?
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