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  1. this is awesome...bet juji cant make this game harder or more expensive...he cant do anything positive except make his boss money...and since he only has 1 server to work with...and cant ban anyone/bots...just keep making it more expensive....thanks. my clan down from60 to around 10 in last 3 months loooooooool
  2. @juji just ask nova to get korean ncsoft bosses to fix...they have better connections than you.
  3. the lag since update...is it intentional nerf? Im losing from 4b an hr to 2.5b an hr now.....thats alot....for me. fix your shit.
  4. another question....? why does my toon randomly pickup when its not turned on auto and isnt in my macro?
  5. The lag since this patch/update is just such a nerf....I would put in a ticket and a video but you wouldnt believe it. please fix your game. I have more fun just logging in and fishing than actually trying to play since update.
  6. luc dyes +15 insanity talisman ruler ring kaliel bracelet dragon ring/necklace/ear luc hat homoculos nevit cloak b freya ice alien nano maphyr pot top art book dark beer dragon shirt armor +10 gr emerald and much more im sure
  7. i spent 1500 dollars and got a lvl 5 dye....so awesome
  8. @Juji I guess since nobody answered...the answer is 0.
  9. what is greedy treasure chest rate in new areas?
  10. last june i aske once to have my weapon restored and they did it....but also told me never again, 1 time restore....never asked again... I did buy a weapon off auction house and was told no.
  11. Is there an online map or guide to this new collection system? If not, somebody please make one.
  12. holy cow, gee wiz, wtf....you bombard us with so much info with patch and events less than 24hrs before it goes live....
  13. its only been on its 2nd year of melee lag.....shit or get off the pot.
  14. i finished 2020 with all 3 restoration tickets on all accounts....why u ask? cause dont trust people in charge.
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