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  1. plenty of archers have done numerous tests on this nerf. even very well geared archers...its a strong nerf.
  2. looking forward to next black friday. hopefully one without a juji scam
  3. let this game die, and good luck to all those invested selling their gear.
  4. to all assnine gm's...why did u sell night merchant coins that dont work? is this the norm? when you gonna give refund my monies? scam artists/crooks. also incompetent retards...must be prerequisite for hire....gratz nc dinos.
  5. and my friends all 1 k a month spenders
  6. wedont have amarket either...but I know at least double digits of those quiting
  7. 180b a month....maybe should nerf IOS????
  8. I can shift my trillions of gear on many archer alts and still farm IOS 24/7 for over 300m an hr....is that the point of nerf?
  9. just look at number of bows +15or higher in auction house and look at number of xp parties....nerf all you want...just a money making and slow xp down tactic. also its a clan killer imo... but juji knows best.
  10. I think most misunderstand. how many players got leveled by yul? this nerf hurts entire playerbase that plays in party like in ketra/varka. its the game retarding the progress and thus hoping for more money. like always...but most players like parties in this game...it is what this game should be about...so as a game producer, lets nerf the aoe toons. spend more money.
  11. if you doubt...just run around ketra/varka and see for yourself
  12. oh grasshopper....just open your eyes.
  13. well...you want to know why half the server just stopped playing???? its cause archer nerf...we will get over it. serverlight right now looooool. and I have 8 toons logged in....do the math of how many actually playing for the whopping 2500 toons logged in....
  14. this nerf affects all different. I have 4archers,some with amazing gear and some with just freebie gear. I have done multiple tests and the best I can calculate is a 20% nerf on xp for my best archer. However,this nerf messes up the xp for parties/supports. I no longer see a benefit for any strong dd to be in pt. so juji nerfed archers but in effect nerfed all xp in pt. also, big spenders in this game dont care for their tens of thousands spent be rewarded with nerfs or changes or no rewards. so celebrate the nerfs, another way of game taking money.
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