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  1. @ncjuji how long you gonna nerf solo players in this game?
  2. i remember when abundance 1st came out was 30b for abu lvl 4...what they cost now?
  3. Im lvl 120 max gear, they nerfed the game....nerfed adena farm for solo players...yea I can invite more peeps into party but then i have to share drops/adena or I have to gear up other toons to box. been 120 for a year or so...I know what I see/play. and thus why dozens of friends have taken a break/quit....and dozens is a lot seeing how only a thousand or so play on chronos.
  4. lol, swamps start at 0400hrs in am for me...servers are not aligned with north america at all. which is ok...as all my usa buds just quit/cashed out. euros carrying the server so make it euro times for their money. its been nice not spending a dime last few months.
  5. get your clannies macro's under control...
  6. game looks at amount of gear/weapons/items on server that exist and pro rates the rewards...like last few events where server gave out a bunch of blood stained weapons in all the classes nobody plays...but if you spend enough, server might reward you...I doubt most spend enough for that tho...you sure you want a gambling event when the only outcome of such event is to bleep/pillage noobs?
  7. funny how outside usa players keep this game going...but been treated like doodoo forever....must be asian thing...
  8. game nerfed the abilities of a solo player to be competitive and farm adena unless that solo player has a few well leveled/geared boxes last 3 years game just gets harder and harder but mobs dont change...just moving nerfs/goalposts. all good tho...I just play less and less...log in fewer toons...spend way less than i used to... funny how when I farm less adena cause of NERFS I actually spend alot less also....keep on nerfing juji...pretty soon I be down to nothing.
  9. I cant remember last time i crafted anything...cause I havent in last 3 years. gratz to all that have luck.
  10. @juji you really need to go into my accounts and remove all the nerfs you put on em....
  11. @Jujianyone mention not being able to delete or modify my teleport locations or just me?
  12. it feels so good not gambling for items but feels like crap when game nerfs the means to farm adena that used to exist. at least in my case...and i am too lazy to keep adjusting my toons....Im getting older/wiser I guess.
  13. I have lost and changed my credit card i use for ncsoft many times. I never have done a charge back...and the credit cards always ask who to apply chargeback to...so from my experience you/father asked for chargeback and thats ground for account to banned. good luck with your issue.
  14. there are more things nerfed on archer than just skill crt rates. ...but I already know game admins dont care and I stopped caring. especially w/my monies...this game just a cheap log in and hit marco afk button, play something else and check every so often when toon dc's cause of crappy servers. have a nice day.
  15. @juji u know by nerfing toons range to auto attack u gave control back to bots/botting....why you mess with ranges and auto attacks?
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