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  1. kamael judicator and tyrr duelist but since judicator got nixed its tyrr duelist
  2. anyone skeered mail me dragon weapons and I will hold 4 ya
  3. all the tests/gambling i have done indicate I get about 25% less adena from opening boxes and selling everything vs. just selling ncoin. ofc the gamble is if I will ever win anything big....which I havent in well over a year of spending more than most.
  4. Im most shocked by how low the damage is...would of thunk it be lot higher
  5. I was so happy when I found the a solution to my crit errors. I turned off my overclocks. every other game I play my overclocks were stable except this game.
  6. this game really requires some teamwork. most of the friends i have that try to play this game solo w/multiple boxes just dont get nearly as far as those that work closely with others. and ofc, everyone cant be the top 1%...the 20 thousand dollar plus toons. I know everyone thinks they can be the best in video games...but this isnt one of them. so if cant enjoy it for what it is...cut losses and find something new. I quit 5 yrs ago and it wasnt the money spent as a reason. It was the 3rd party programs. dont think that anything has changed. on the bright side, it is possible to make al
  7. somehow i feel like alot more things are happening behind the scenes then these patch notes lead us on to. usually no news is good news, but lately i dont seem to think so. Im up to 24 attempts on a dragon shirt augment w/out any result other than mskill crt dmg and patt crt damage. thats pretty crazy run of luck I have.
  8. because everything that might be fun to do in game like enchanting is so nerfed/fail rate so high...you have to be insane to make anything or have total disregard for money. how do people get enjoyment from failing everything? guess Koreans do...
  9. imo...once rumors hit...everyone goes in freeze mode...so the market is stuck. this market will freefall fast until big fish know whats going on.
  10. how is that new spending algorithm working that matches money spent vs chance of success? heard its groundbreaking being able to customize results? love the idea of everchanging odds...Oh..you spend/try alot/means we can make more money from you if you fail more cause you are addicted.
  11. lvl 118+ zones offer nothing for drops or adena...so you get all the strong players just playing in the zones that are meant for the new/lowbie areas. so dumb. every event you will get a rush of money spent on chances/hopes/dreams and after few days everyone except the 1% leave with a taste of go screw yourself. sooner or later vid gamers dont like that taste. what solo zones are there for 118+? nothing to do...let me go make life miserable for lowbies. your policies and customer support completely blow. you either give out service that is criminal...or you deny ser
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