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  1. @McBacon no but Mcdonalds, kfc, tacobell, subway ect have been doing it for longer I agree the game is broke in places, but its a Classic + server, it was broke then, expect it broke now, and don't put too much faith in Ncsoft west
  2. back in C1/C2 the adena drop was bad, B grade upwards wasn't cost affective to use shots while PVE, I remember the clan crafter putting a rule in of don't use shots unless its for PVP, it wasn't till end of c3 start of c4 that using shots became cost affective.Teleports wasn't free, so my shot crafter/seller used to have to run to gludio from dion then port to orc village for soul ore as this was the cheapest town. Lineage was a hard grafting game back in the day, harder than it is now, you couldn't make duel swords without a blue print from a castle owner, there was no moon/clan oath arm
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