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  1. Bot's on free server don't pay for VIP since they don't need any interaction and they don't want to level to fast, and if a bot get's ban no real lost since none of them paid for VIP. I just think they need to do B2P even if it's small amount say 5$ and get 5$ worth NcCoins. Why you ask well if all those 1000's + bot's have to least spend 5$ every accountant open means NcSoft can pay one person just to ban bot's in chat, and all those summoners which in return would pay for it's self. You think well bot's will just come back, well of course but only people going afford the over price Adena th
  2. Only problems is they have no C grade shots, now if you suddenly see them in the shop then you know where this is going for sure.
  3. I understand PK system need work but I think more of the community that needs working on, if people didn't think it's funny and train group or stun someone pulling making them die and lose drops for fun probably wouldn't be has bad, but we live here were everyone like being douche hell first day I played I was running in ruins to do my quest and mobs were after me guess what happen, had dwarf up and stun me none stop laughing.
  4. Here thing, how many people will not buy coins no more, when 50% rune expires and they just say well it's only rune so not really spending.
  5. Well i look at server so far it 1 green 2 yellow and one red, now I don't log into other servers so I know Gudlio lower level towns are dead Giran semi active, with lack of new players this will kill economy where you will be depended on RMT unless you in good CP that farm raid bosses all the time.
  6. Isn't all cell phone games p2w 200%
  7. Long people buy RMT the bots will never go away ever, its like this in ever game.
  8. Honestly can we get server like that or least can we get vote set up, I came here for grind not BS weapon box, scrolls,dungeons screwing everything up.
  9. Can we get new server that's actually classic, I mean no daily scrolls,(less people whining about sp then) no event with weapons (breaks economy) remove daily dungeon, and fix FT and AN back to where they were and make sure no changes are made so no one can get mad, no one can say it's unfair and people that start play will understand at start no half way increase anything and have weapon events. You can't first tell people adena seems off and fix lower level's then tell people that classic suppose to be like that and won't fix 40+ why even fix lower level then revert, having new serv
  10. I been holding off for while now, 3 accountants close to 150 month, I know it's not much but it adds up ;p. Can I get new server with old rates you all had just keep it like that without the scroll/xp event going on or free weapons. That's classic if you going have events all the time might well make it perm x2 exp and get it over with.
  11. They could be testing to see if more people would log in during weekends for this, only wondering when Christmas event come will their be top C grade event.
  12. What's point of classic feel if they just going have exp event ever month.
  13. Leader of my old clan was banned, no idea if they bot, rmt, share account, don't care at all fact no one going admit if they did or not and all will preach. Only few probably get wrongly ban cause some one bought gold and traded for weapon to another person and both those account's got banned thinking one that sold weapon was buying gold. Careful on who you get gold from ;p
  14. lol if you can play 8 at one time give prob's I hope you wasn't person I read that said they played with their feet in same time.
  15. If they never touched lower level adena and they said it's suppose to be like that then a lot would just get over it, fact they change it where now if you lvl 25 you're making more then 40+. kinda of made people mad. They shouldn't of scale it at all and kept it as is and said Don't you all have credit cards.
  16. Forgot about those, level so fast on event didn't even remember.
  17. I just want my name on forum tab be all me, good job you all ;p
  18. Don't think back in the day you had to grind for sb, back in the day all the bot's grinded your sb and you bought it cheap.
  19. Doubt that's going happen at all on classic.
  20. Guess you all don't know, if you're not least VIP 4 they put your name in a random generator of all vip 0-vip3 and one gets pick on who gets banned.
  21. Trust me the drop rate is messed up, I could attack 5 mobs get nothing then attack 5 mobs each one gives one so its RNG with RNG with RNG with RNG. Everything is RNG.
  22. They just should make the game B2P and make it cost $5 and give free VIP1 with coins that way they can hire one GM just to ban bot's that would solve all the issues they would make hella money from banning them.
  23. You won't get ban for alt+tabbing assisting, people just jealous you can play 3 chars and their crappy pc can't handle even 1. I played with my sps, pro, and se each with macro for buffs heals. I give props for attacking with 2-3 chars at once, I kept my buffers at low lvl gear so wasn't no point for them attacking.
  24. Thing is I seen people I know that was in my clan get ban out the blue no reason, I don't know if they did anything or not its only known to player and NcSoft and I don't any player going admit they did something wrong with hope either take people with them or get their account back. So far I have read so many post about I got random ban and now I know how you feel and you won't care until happens to you post, thinking NcSoft be like o that dude legit from his post let's unban that dude. I always hear where my proof I hack, rmt, or macro. I do know if you made 3 acct same day they will ban yo
  25. RNG loves you and RNG hates you, I grinded one spot in spores for 6 days got 1 SB .
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