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  1. It's Memorial Day weekend, how about an impromptu event!
  2. ty you for the quick fix, it's working as designed now :-)
  3. aden server has terrible lag, drop something and 3 minutes later it leaves your inventory. Pick something up and 3 minutes later it is added into your inventory
  4. sry about my attitude, it's been a long week at work. Been a week where I pay ppl to do things that they don't do. Then on Friday they wonder what happened to their jobs . . . There's three types of people in this world. 1.) Those that make things happen 2.) Those that let things happen 3.) Those that wonder what the heck happened There's only one type of person that has a job Friday afternoon . . .
  5. Aden server is so full that it's disconnected twice (so far) during prime time? seriously. explain.
  6. What 100%

    What?!!! 100% increase in shield defense . . . people don't know what they are talking about! Check out the skill for a tank, lvl 4 shield is 100% increase in shield defense . . . AND people want to say they are quitting over it. That it's p2w. I could think of a lot of things to say, but they would be censored. PLEASE read the descriptions better and understand the game mechanics. ONLY NEWBS will go for lvl 5 +10 and think they have something. Some skill that last 15 seconds at lvl5 +10. It takes 2 seconds to activate it, 2 seconds for it to be seen by the other person, 3 seconds for the other person to adjust their stance/attack, 5 seconds for the WHALE to identify they have been spotted with the ability, then only 3 seconds for you to have to be worried about it. << think interweb and brain lag. So many post about ppl quitting. I could think of a lot of things to say about those ppl, but they would be censored. haha, spend moar (tm) for p2w whales, ty for paying for my free game. This post was to get people that are posting 'I quit' (but only to log in and see what's going on/essentially not quitting) to get a mental grip and stop saying to ppl they quit. NCSoft are fleecing the sheep, when you see someone with a lvl 5 ++ you can say to yourself and clannies, another fool is parted from his money. What's it matter they have lots of money, it allows them to be fools lots of times <<< that's something for them to be proud of, right? don't worry, this p2w event is really a p2Loose event. Stay winners people.
  7. Clan Hall Auctions

    we need a bit of clarification please, this is from the event page " Clans that are level 2 and higher can also bid for a Permanent Clan Hall through the Auctioneer NPC in Giran, Gludio, or Aden. There are only 33 Permanent Clan Halls available, with each having a minimum bid. Clans can only bid on one Permanent Clan Hall and must have more than your bid amount in their Clan Warehouse. If you cancel your bid, there is a 10% cancellation fee taken from your bid amount. The auction period lasts for two weeks, and should you win the permanent clan hall auction, a weekly rent payment is required. " In game the auction is slated to end on 1/31/19. Which brings to questions, is the auction for 2 weeks as stated on the event page or since this is the first auction is it slated to end on 1/31/19. Inquiring minds want to know.
  8. Clan Hall Auctions

    Awesome, It's time for the clan that I'm a part of to show "what's up!" /answer, sieges start . . . soon ™ but clan halls start . . . in two days (sooner)

    Yup, great group of players.

    https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/5575-aden-clan-legendary-legendary-lord-punish-prince-of-devianne/ I'm a member of Clan Legendary. I'd recommend joining to anyone that wants to play the game. It's a mature player base with lots of activity in game.
  11. Producer's Letter - January 2019

    ugh, I was thinking of deleveling my main and using it to help level up my warsmith for crafts . . . time to level up!
  12. Connectivity Issues Update - 1/18

    you don't get it, you question was answered. Now go with it, it was aliens . . . aliens were probing the servers with their . . .
  13. Connectivity Issues Update - 1/18

    aliens . . . aliens were probing the servers with their . . . who's going to continue . . .
  14. Connectivity Issues Update - 1/15

    As many of us old Lineage 2 players have come to experience life, the bad news given nicely is very welcomed. Now we know what we are experiencing and we can deal with it. It is what it is . . . thanks and have a good evening.