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  1. Amazing, the rest of the players filling up the que aren't even playing the game, they are standing around AFK.
  2. In what world does it make sense to limit the amount of times a person can report bots for botting?
  3. Almost every person I'm seeing is a bot around Elven Village at the moment. It would take less than 5 minutes for some sort of GM to run through and spot these bots. What are they doing?
  4. Why are the classic servers ALWAYS filled with bots? We are pushed to acquire VIP so that we can just play the game without wasting an extra 30+ minutes just to get past the ques, while it's likely that the reason is because the server is flooded with bots at all times. The bots aren't even hidden, they're in plain sight surrounding the newbie towns. The bots kill steal and even bring in other alternative characters that are naked to kill you when you pk one of the their bots. On top of this, we can only report ONE bot every hour or so when there are floods of bot parties? Not only are the bot
  5. I am having the same or similar issue and they are taking a very long time to reply. I purchased a starter pack and my ncsoft coin disappeared and I did not receive my package. I am very disappointed at the wait times.
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