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  1. why would i play dual? i wanna play main, thanks to the new ranking system brought up by NCwest itself, and, get it once and for all that many people wanna change main class completely, and for the very same reason, they don't want to pay again for the same items that they already paid one time ?
  2. it's all great, i play necromancer since 2009, and i won't mind doin'it for next 10 years. just that it will be a a cool feature in the game to afford the luxury of playing more classes with the same toon, imagine that the motivation to invest in one toon will be greater... personally i rather be willing to pay 1k for 1 toon, than few hundreds for 2, 3 or more chars... however, it's all up to you, the players to urge the community for a service like this!
  3. this type of ppl that reply just to write something ( KiisMyKnife, mixa and so on) are to be fully ignored, as of TheThrax, very well stated, thanks for a good example, so, NCWEST gives us an answer ! we need to fully change main class and keep lvl and items that we paid hard money for it !
  4. any official has anything to say about, as of the rest of the crowd, go eat something i am afraid that you may be hungry,since you focus so much over your posts
  5. lookin' for an answer from whomever may concern
  6. For years you've been told people that the main reason is not posible to change main class is because of hero, now next month won't be any hero, LET PEOPLE enjoy the game they pay for ! LET PEOPLE CHANGE MAIN CLASS, the same way they can change dual class !!!
  7. +1 Please take in consideration the extent of the event XP/SP for one more week, many thanks in advance <3
  8. WTS / WTT +10 dark heavy for +10 dark or bloody robe set, please message or mail in game "Valentin
  9. i think a simple "kill" would be enough, but anyway, thank you for your detailed reply ...
  10. hello, guys, please lend me a hand of help, can u write here "kill" who did kill the finall raid boss on this event and write "pass" who could not kill the finall raid boss ? thanks.
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