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  1. Mixa knows everything ! There were times when he defended Dion with his 9 boxes, he probably used 3 separate PC. All around idiots, but Mixa not an idiot
  2. Permanent ban is of course not needed because you are most likely offended by a child, for a start 4-5 days ban of chat is enough If we give a permanent ban for every rudeness, then we will simply be left without players. I just want to add that in my opinion the culture of communication on this server is quite decent, there are servers with more inadequate players I urge everyone not to offend each other, we ourselves create the atmosphere of this game
  3. Slou

    Giveaway 20b

    I participated in this event ... and what was my impression 2 billion and 3 billion were played fairly, but only to create the illusion of honesty of the whole event. 5 billion won Executor, when about 30 players were looking for you on the 1st floor of the Monastery of Silence and I did not see the Executor there, he suddenly found himself on the 2nd floor very quickly, why? yes because he knew where you are. When you started to play 10 billion, I first learned that this location was the Forgotten Temple, I immediately teleported and mounted on my horse and ran to you at a spe
  4. And what happened ? Why DH lost Aden? New players come from Cronos? Or some strong players left from DH? I didn’t see in the game l2fpr and duDot
  5. If you combine all the servers into one, then people will start to leave the game because of the lags I do not understand why you all want to kill this complex here now? Other: there will be no possibility to make a transfer server will not be able to play in Dim Siege and Dim RB After 1 year, this 1 server will be emptied I propose to open new servers and after 1 year to open a "server transfer" in them: ambitious players from Naia and Cronos will go there behind castles and Epics Here is my glimpse into the future.....
  6. Ok no questions..... good game for you PS:Cheating VPN no work here
  7. Russia has been banned here since 2016, how did you manage to join the game from 2018? https://support.lineage2.com/hc/en-us/articles/217017506-Blocked-Countries
  8. So you do not call the top clans, that were here 12- 13-14 years ago? PS: this server is 14 years old
  9. A man when he studied at a Russian school (12 years ago) and suddenly the BANG !!! comes back and puts into the game 2 thousand bucks ... Sorry, but this is not a believable story...... It's more like you just bought this account I apologize but illogical ..... your story what players did you have here 12 years ago? and who did you know here 12 years ago? PS:I remember all the names of the players all the clan names from 2006(on another server) and you have to call them(here)
  10. This is a very contentious question which model is better Many players and me including attracted here 2 free boxes Because I do not play here regularly and i cannot pay monthly for boxes, (instead of me no one will come here and I will leave) and similar players here - many PVE clans where players play without fanaticism in 2 - 3 boxes On In.nova, things are also going very badly, so you do not need to take an example from the same dead game model.... I was doing suggestions: 1) It is necessary to think over the WORKING SYSTEM of incentives for players who bring here their fr
  11. Please do not rush to merge the servers and do not open new ones. It is necessary to develop a complex of servers and attract new players. If you merge N + F + C Such an element of the game as the Dimensional siege and Dimensional raid will disappear
  12. The question is very complex..... We have a border situation between fraud and the game moment. Everything would be tolerable but there are a few features: 1. In this particular case it is necessary to take into account the number of people whom they offended. 2. We must take into account how these half-scammers do not hesitate to do their actions, they sell stolen things in a chat room and this brings psychological pain to the people whom they offended. 3. It should be taken into account that this is was NEVER on this server complex and the players here are not ready for su
  13. I will not mention names, but in many clans there are scammers including the Top Clan Imagine a situation where two warring against each other clans use such dirty moments as PK-scamm that this is a scamm or a dirty war ?
  14. Up! I agree with the fact that you need to reduce prices in the L2 store. And we must hurry to take action, while new players do not come and old players leave. Hurry to open new servers. And think about the system p2w more FRIENDLY to the player-donator.
  15. 1 Classics this the other game Are no classics here I do not understand how you can compare classics (which was originally such and so was conceived) and our server complex is already working 14 years? If you change NCsoft servers to a subscription NOW then this will score the last nail in the coffin's lid 2 It's very strange that if you play there, but spend so much time on this forum
  16. With such a system that exists today - with the p2w system, new players have a chance to catch up ( equipment and lvl) the players who are playing 10 years here Under the system of subscription, no chances for new players, therefore they will not come here Therefore, we must continue to follow the same path - p2w
  17. 2 strong things here that is not have on a competing resource: 1 - free boxes 2 - server transfer You want to kill the first thing I have a question for you and where to play the players who want to play for free ( I think many players want this ) Opening a new server is a sign that the administration has not lowered its hands and is struggling for its resource - for new players Why are you all pessimists ?
  18. What you suggested is NOT DEVELOPMENT and NOT ATTRACTION You suggested "what to do with a dead body" the topic is not about this
  19. 1 It is necessary to think over the WORKING SYSTEM of incentives for players who bring here their friends 2 It is necessary to encourage bloggers on YouTube who are blogging about Lineage 2( NCsoft servers) 3 We need to open new servers and then merge them ( Zaken's experience is unsuccessful? So what? Do not lose heart ) 4 Your suggestions? PS :There is such a magic word as "desire" so you have to desire and go forward
  20. I've been playing here for 3 years and have not paid anything at all I can not afford to pay for a game Yes, I do not have the talisman insanity, but I also enjoy playing without it I get just the fun of the game It's very important for me to play with 1-2 boxes for free And the folk here is more cultural than the russian players, maybe it's not so good to say, but why is it a fact I like the folk here Now about for the game store: Of course there is not such a huge selection of goods like here. But in the same way it is possible to convert real money into game money
  21. classic EU official = In.nova = Ru servers did not you know?
  22. I played on RU servers and after came here Ru servers - this is are corrupt GM, boorish players + exactly the same casino as here And the main - on RU servers you can not play for FREE with 2 boxes as here 1 box = monthly pay
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