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  1. Tried already, but these RB hunter have so good equipment, that he easily kill 1-2 party of ordinary players The only way - is buff RB
  2. This time we on server Freya observe a situation : 3-4 known to all players kill all the RB from 88 to 96 with their boxes (Sometimes with 1-2 boxes) New players come here and they can not develop in the game because all the game values are taken by these same 3-4 players from all the RBs I propose a solution - allow buff RB as it was before In this case, the player will need to not only kill the RB but also defeat RBbuffers interfering he, which is very difficult The struggle for the game resource "RB" to resume with a new force as it was before Vote!
  3. I'm just afraid that if the NCsoft prohibits PK scammers, then the next move may be a general ban on something that would interfere the AFK players get experience : Such as pulling the with tank AFK player from the mobs, flags about the AFK player - such actions can be regarded as an attempt at PK fraud Such a precedent already exists, for example, forbidden a game moment as a buff Raid Bosses
  4. It is difficult to make a fair decision In my opinion, the player does suffer the greatest losses NOT from PK scammers but from percentage crafting, when people invest huge amounts of money and, in the end, do not receive game values because they had an unsuccessful enchantment of a cloacks or a fail combination of jewelry etc. etc. With the case of a PK scam, the output is exist - NOT afk in the game Lineage 2 initially cruel to the player
  5. I have links to a video explaining the scheme of this fraud in detail, but for obvious reasons I can not show them In which case the entire server will be engage in fraud I will say that the scheme is not simple
  6. That's what I learned Clan scammers - ZRG - is a Russian-speaking clan This clan is old 11 lv, but average lvl players - 99 lvl This means that either this clan has not played for a long time on the server, or it is a box clan of some very high-level player Names all scammers CENTYRION SNOWMAIDEN KNESKA AERLISKA UMNIKE TURPA The location where fraud - HellBound I like how the server responds to these scammers, tonight a lot of people hunted them
  7. I do not know if it helps anyone but you can calculate the main char this scammers. This type of fraud is invented and came from Russian servers. Give more information about these scammers: From which they clan this scammers. Approximate level of scammers. Names other's boxs. The location where fraud occurred
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