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  1. So if we assume drop rates are roughly 0.5x for some areas and even less for others, we get 0.75x at best with VIP4. So by paying 15$ monthly you still not getting proper drop rates like on payed versions (EU/RU). Also VIP4 doesn't affect adena/spoil rates. Is this intended @Juji? May we get a proper rates for VIP4 at least @Hime?
  2. I wish this classic was p2p with proper rates. Because right now it looks like an unfinished product.
  3. Well judging from amount of "I got ban" threads popping up every day all I can is NCSOFT actually does something.
  4. I think he means that he botted on one account, but other account with his main got blocked.
  5. Game is free. It's just to many ppl want to play for free.
  6. Honestly I just stopped playing spoiler. Here it's a box char for a CPs. Kinda sucks, but nothing we can do about it I guess. Working as intended.
  7. I don't get it. What queues are u talking about? I just logged on TI without queue. Also there are 2 new servers without any kind of queue.
  8. So you complain about event where you get an exp buff and a chance for a top D weapon? What's wrong with you ppl?
  9. This so simple. Just make VIP2-4 affect spoil rates with VIP4 being the largest increase. Noone will buy VIP4 to a bot account. It's 50$ for the first month.
  10. If you have no complaints then keep playing and have fun. "If you r dumb" and need to brag about something then keep posting.
  11. Can you link an official discord please?
  12. Juji said they going to investigate adena disparity first (most likely next maintenance). After that they will look into spoil rates. Am I correct @Juji ?
  13. Yep, that's how it is at the moment. Fix might be coming though.
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