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  1. Like tittle says selling crystal dagger +3 also can trade for other weapons.
  2. write to support. i had banned my accaunt also for some reason , but i write to support and all went fine , they doing great work , get back my accaunts in like 2 days after i sepak with support,.
  3. Idk what fastest lwl are but ill go first dagger+pp now they are 52+ , when i get items i took sws to level up , it takes me 3 days to get 40 (with ppbuffs and c gr weapon) , now im thinking to lwl up bd at same. p.s better go archer+pp+bd its much more better ( ofc if u get like 999kk nccoins ) u can go archer bd+sws . but it takes to much money since scrolls aint cheap.
  4. Hello so like title say's i'm looking for melee constant party 48/52+ (as the option accsepting even archer const can farm with bow also) nationality of the constant party really does't matter. If u got slot for active dagger let me know. Leave msg here.
  5. What u want to fix its beast ss good price , u want , if beast ss be like 10 a per shot u know how sumons be owerpowered ? and yeah u not be albe to farm with beast ss
  6. Light sux , ill runing with chain hood set + shield (kinda nice blockl rate) with light need much more healing etc
  7. Its kinda like that : https://eu.4gameforum.com/threads/566669/
  8. It's doest help u when u get 15k dmg from PR fatal counter
  9. Hey , it's works fine , since land rate on blow skills depend on DEX , if u are PW/AW u should be fine almost ~50-60% land rate on blows., Personaly im TH my skill land rate is bad , like 4/10 . but is taht dagger works in classic without 78 u are just BAD really bad. after 78 u go better. but till that u copletely usless.
  10. 300 is nice too , better then private with 100 online and better then skelth with 50 online. so ill take it
  11. doest have any problem with going evry daily with 2 boxes , just need be smart spend ~3k adena on evry accaunt while i do dailys
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