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  1. PRESTIGE PACK Drop Rate Math Question!

    The bonus will be divided between all the party members. If you got a 300% adena drop rune and you are in a 2 ppl party its like you both would have a 150% bonus, 3 ppl pt -> 100% bouns... In your 0.001 drop chance example, in a 3 ppl party with one of you having a +100% drop rune, the actual chance of get the item will be 0.0013333... Almost the same chance. The +300% adena bonus helps a little bit, but the only worthy item on that pack is the Eva's Rune with the -20% cooldown and +10% hp.
  2. stop to dirty war

    to go to another game or "create" my own clan... you probably mean.
  3. Bot Report Button

    Bot Report Button /AutoHuntingReport should be extended to report adena sellers and it should be able to use at cities.
  4. lag again?

    +1 And also i had some lag spikes while on golden compass instance, i lost some marks because of that.
  5. Hi! i would like to know if anyone had spoiled those recipes, where, what spoiler lvl, how many tryies... Also, L2Wiki says that spiritshot's recipe can be adquire with "kelbim's call Atelia Elite Captain" but i can only find the regular "Atelia Elite Captain", does anyone know ehre to find the Kelbims Call?
  6. paulina twilight

    +1 i got a low geared ertheia and r grade paulina would be very handy, specially jewelry.
  7. Luck Befitting Of The Status Quest

    Similar here, I got the knife +7 with normal ewr but i cant take the reward.
  8. Where to power-level prophet 85?

    Doing Herphah quests on Aden would be great at that level, it guides you trough instances and cool xp spots to lvl up and also gives you usefull rewards. However i don't know if anything of that will change on tomorrow update. So Im as clueless as you
  9. Im a Yul Sagittarius, I was using Multiple Arrow and Heavy Arrow Rain, those skills do hit PKs if they are next to the mobs im targeting, and most AoE does, thats why they could flag me. If you hit a PK with your macro they can flag you.
  10. Hi all! Someone tried to scam me with this popular method yesterday, so i want to share my exp, what ive seen, what ive learned, my thoughts, and some advices to reduce the chance or at least make things harder for the scammers. The method I was macro hunting on HB and this is what happened: 1) A flagged char stood next to me trying to flag me, i was using a macro with /targetnext but set on "Monsters", so i didn't flag and the guy left. 2) A low level PK stood next to me, after a few seconds i killed him with an AoE (target on a mob). I didn't flag but that made me eligible for the scamm. 3) A tank dragged me into a lonely spot, my macro was still on so i kept killing mobs. A different PK blended into the mobs killing some of them to reduce his karma, i killed him several times with my AoE's until he got me flag with the followin sequence: Scammer goes PK and kill some mobs > I start to cast an AoE that will affect him > PK kill a last mob and go white again > I finally launch the attack but as PK is now white i got flagged. Apparently the system set my targets on the moment that i start to cast an skill, and if there is a change before the launch (pk/flag turns white) system just ignore it and i attack him anyways. 4) A tank dragged me into a different spot without mobs and aggroed me, i was targeting him coz of the flag. Tank changed into to a different dualclass and i started to kill him with one shot. Once he was dead a box gave him ress but he didn't stand up inmediatly, he waited until the very last moment before his flag faded, once he was up two things may occur: I kill him flagged, so he stands up inmediatly and start the process again. Or i kill him white (using the very same logic than step 3) and i go PK. At this point i was without the macro, killing him manually, so i was on full contorl of the situation and didn't turn PK, but this is what i suppose that would happened if i had been AFK: 5) They would bring me some mobs for low down my karma, and once im white start again the process at least 3 more times. After that they would kill me and i would have drop several items to the floor. Which luckly doesn't happened. Some advices based on my experience I) Targetnext set always on Monsters, or better /target name-of-the-mob. II) Include some /target %self on your macros. III) Don't use AoE. IV) Always keep your pk counter on 0. V) Know your skills. Don't use skills that could flag you on macros. VI) DO TESTS. Go into a lonely place and test all your skills/macros, put a flagged char next to you and see if you got flagged, put a PK next to the mobs and see if you dealt him some damage (you shouldn't, at all). VII) Help other people, if you see someone dragging people, kill him, if you see a random flagged, kill him, if you see a PK, please, kill him, no matter if its the scammer or the scammed. VIII) Share information, so more and more people will be aware of this situation and how it works. And the most important advice of all: IX) DON'T (please) GO AFK If you have some comments, other experiences, methods, strategies, opinions or advices please let me know. Disclaimer 1: I had serious doubts about this post, coz someone could read it and try to become a scammer, but as i wrote before, if more people knows how this works we can find a solution and avoid this kind of things. Disclaimer 2: Scammers* are smart, even if you follow all this advices people still can find the way to scamm you IF YOU ARE AFK, so if you are going to macro-hunting you should always keep on eye on the computer, to avoid this things. Disclaimer 3: Ive read a lot of discussing about macro-loop, macro-afk, pk-system, RU servers, 24/7 farmers... and this thread doesn't meant to have that kind of discussion, im not saying that PK/Macro-Hunting are good or bad, im just spreading some useful information coz you could lose expensive items if you aren't aware of it. *"smart scammers" doesn't include the "WTS NCCOINS, ADENA FIRST" or "IM YOUR CLAN LEADER, THIS IS MY ALT CHARACTER, GIVE ME YOUR SET AND I WILL MADE IT DARK +10" kind.
  11. Heroes, September 2018

    I was the September "Tul" Sagittarius hero try to beat that DH and MAX