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  1. I started to use it a month ago, did the same math than you but i not gonna do coc, i tried to farm it but its too exahusting, i prefer buy it once every two months/ twice every three months and use a cheaper one in between.
  2. Hey! If we are asking for stuff then remove the reflect damage on feohs! Im ok with the resist damage, but reflect its too op.
  3. Yes, they stack. You can stack up to 2 buffs: (PoM OR Victories of Paagrio OR Chant of Bison) + (SOA or Crippling) PoM doesnt stack with VoP nor CoB but it does with SoA or Crippling.
  4. Mana regeneration happens everytime that a mob dies, so if you aren't killing fast, or someone else outside the party is dealing the most part of the damage you might run out of mp. That being said you shouldn't have any problem on that area being lvl 98, also mp regen gets buggy every now and then, so try to disband and re-do the party, that solves the problem in the most majority of the cases.
  5. The key skills here are pom and crippling, if you already learned crippling then stick with that iss, if you didn't then focus first on hierophant/pom. Ultimately having both is very usefull, coz both skills can be stacked.
  6. @Ambicija I just used this info, that matches roughly with yours, using your info it's 54 points at lvl 1, 90 points at lvl 2, 179 points at lvl 3, idk, lets say... 268 points? at lvl 4. Thats 591 points more or less, closer to 530 than to 53000 I don't know about Ncwest math, but in classical math get the lvl 2 communing ability has a 28% chance, the lvl 3 has a 3% chance and the lvl 1 has a 69% chance, thats 165 points to get all the 5 abilities into lvl 3 Total: about 756 points -> 50 days of hard work Business opportunity: start to buy-sell party 15 points in 1h.
  7. Actually i don't see any problem in making Ncoins a tradeable object, that's all you need to get that feature into the already existing COD/trade system.
  8. @Milan FYI you can close it automaticly from the laucher settings -> General -> "When starting the game: Close launcher"
  9. Remove the pk drop was Ncsoft response to the "pk scam", and tbh I don't hate it, could they done it better? yes, but this system have a few good things. I feel that pvp has increased, anyone can pk you over a spot and you must fight back if you want to keep it, and if you are lvling on the same area probably you don't have a hugh equipment gap. Ofc there are some ppl that kill for fun or just because they can, but those ppl has always been there, they seem to be the same and behave as always. You cant loose all your gear in 10 minutes, and noone can get rich just by killing you wh
  10. I didn't say that you are forced to use more than 1 pc, I said that I use just 1 pc: my main DD, an ISS, and a mentee (who is fishing) There are several ways to get the 15 points per day fast: primeval isle, storm isle, refinery, you can even reset your dual and go to coal mines (if you are so desperate or have a 105 dual already, and with your set i guarantee that you will do all the 15 in less than an hour) Let's say that you are so anxious that you want the top grade max lvl homunculus asap, with those 15 point per day and using what Nymphadorea said, youll need 530 point aprox, t
  11. What? What do you mean with "updates coming for no lifers"? This is an ultra pay to win game, almost every event involves real money, gamble, and zero ZERO time investment. This is the first event in ages in wich everyone can get the top reward just by farming. Donors are very important since they (us... sometimes) keep the server going, but your lecture of the situation seems fairly away from the reality. About powerful fish, i just log 3 acc, dd, iss, and a fishing mentee, and i get enough powerful fish to reset 3 times the quest, sell the remaining fish and get full stock of baits
  12. I thought that you were going to talk about this: 1. Eligibility. Except where regulated or restricted by law, the Lineage II 16th Anniversary Screenshot Contest (“Contest”) is open only to legal residents of legal residents of Canada (excluding the Province of Quebec), and the United States (including the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico), who are the age of majority or older (18 years of age in most jurisdictions) as of the date of entry.
  13. Last few times that I went to dimensional raid was a fail, very few players, low geared, we didn't even kill the first raid, so I guess that is not an option. I don't need rune stones for my main or neither my main boxes, but was trying to lvl up a second iss and already gave up on learning rune stone skills. Almost every time that I see a full 2 pt for balok 15 min later you can read "xxxx balok scammer" on general chat, so newcomers (if they still exist) have a very tough challenge getting those skills. Having a farming cp with trusty members seems to be the only option, youll need 5 pp
  14. Can you tell us the rewards for the new stages of castilla?
  15. It seems like a bug then, didn't happen anything similar to me tho. I'm a Sagittarius 107 if that helps.
  16. Not having any special problem with yul mp reg. I have a 2-3 ppl party and if i have mp bug is for all of them and it gets solved if i re make the pt. Try not using Phoenix Arrow nor any skill consuming high amounts of mana (I think phoenix its the only one). As you might know mp is regenerated after every mob's dead, so you're probably killing a little bit slow.
  17. Typical reply to a typical answer about a typical comment from you in a typical topic.
  18. The bonus will be divided between all the party members. If you got a 300% adena drop rune and you are in a 2 ppl party its like you both would have a 150% bonus, 3 ppl pt -> 100% bouns... In your 0.001 drop chance example, in a 3 ppl party with one of you having a +100% drop rune, the actual chance of get the item will be 0.0013333... Almost the same chance. The +300% adena bonus helps a little bit, but the only worthy item on that pack is the Eva's Rune with the -20% cooldown and +10% hp.
  19. to go to another game or "create" my own clan... you probably mean.
  20. Bot Report Button /AutoHuntingReport should be extended to report adena sellers and it should be able to use at cities.
  21. +1 And also i had some lag spikes while on golden compass instance, i lost some marks because of that.
  22. Hi! i would like to know if anyone had spoiled those recipes, where, what spoiler lvl, how many tryies... Also, L2Wiki says that spiritshot's recipe can be adquire with "kelbim's call Atelia Elite Captain" but i can only find the regular "Atelia Elite Captain", does anyone know ehre to find the Kelbims Call?
  23. +1 i got a low geared ertheia and r grade paulina would be very handy, specially jewelry.
  24. Similar here, I got the knife +7 with normal ewr but i cant take the reward.
  25. Doing Herphah quests on Aden would be great at that level, it guides you trough instances and cool xp spots to lvl up and also gives you usefull rewards. However i don't know if anything of that will change on tomorrow update. So Im as clueless as you
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