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  1. By the way, what is the use of 16th anniversary coins? We can use only 8 of them a day to change into dice. I have already got more than a thousand. Any other way to use them?
  2. Patch notes says that The Super Advanced Seed Bracelets can also be upgraded at random using fish and other materials. Your Super Advanced Seed Bracelet will be downgraded by 1 stage upon failure. 4game patch notes say that upon failure bracelet stay the same level. NPC Santiago shows that upon failure bracelet keeps the same lvl. So what to believe? Patch notes or NPC?
  3. Royal black save ticket in event rewards has a bad description: If enchantment fails the enchant level of the item will increase randomly by 1 to 2.
  4. Tried to do instance on healer lvl 105 and ran out of time. Managed just to reach stage 10, not even seen the final boss. This is not true.
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