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  1. Do it this with only 1 computer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1guzyVA-B0I hope this witch hunting ends and that people say a public apologize for what they said and did
  2. 48% uploaded... hope with this video everything this hell end andthe people that harass me make a post saying sorry
  3. My coins dont fix with my keyboard to do that, not enough milimeter space, but i heard avoid this practice for years, in clan alliance, in clan, TS for YEARS, and never saw a post in forum or an accusation in game for someone that does that just wondering if the things against me are PERSONAL, or is something general i dont do this, i dont need to do it, i have keyboards in front of me, and the enough intelligence to do a loop recharge macro of 4 times and follow
  4. im uploading another video for you.... seriusly, i want this stop, and giving enough proofs, wait me to upload it, with 7 clients now, im sure u cant do it in only 1 pc
  5. Good to know, because i never did, and i want to know if that is legal
  6. dude, yesterday for 4 hours i had been harassed in game, also stressed in forum, and had to give all the day explanations that in front of me i have many keyboards, many screens and computers at my right side do you know how am ifeeling destroyed in my Federal Rights? im a person and this players are treating me as an Insect without human rights, and forcing the gamemasters to doubt about the fact that there is in front of my 3 computers this is a thing that comes from 3 months ago to today, but yesterday this went deeply than never
  7. I was wondering i can i put in to my keyboard a COIN attached between the keyboard and the ctrl key, making it permanently pressed for example if i do that enough fast, ill avoid the /useskillforce im asking this because the game is not only full of bots, because players likes to investigate more liegit players with more than 1 computer, than investigate or ban real bots Thanks for give me out this doubt about a coin in year 2003, a COIN in the F1 OR F2 was used to self recharge by a lot of people, was this considered in that times as THIRD PARTY HARDWA
  8. Seriusly, even with all these proofs that i uploaded to end with the criminals that harass me in game, do you still thinking im a Bot and not a human? do you know a guy recorded a video of my, and now gamemasters are investigating if i have of not the keyboards that are in front of me now? seriusly im watching with my eyes all the keyboards in front of me, and gamemasters are investigating if that keyboards are real, to this level fallen deeply my situtation because a guy launched a false accusation in the game, im sure of something, the cheater is him, not me, maybe was a che
  9. See the video and tell me, it is an AUTO ASSIST USER? it ist a BOT? it ist a KESTRORKER or whatever they said? or is just a man with 3 computers? Stop trolling me and stop harassing me in game https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ih-r-38Wf-E
  10. oh come on, let us buy adena from l2 store and with that l2 vip scroll PLX if VIP is 5 dollars, then, should be 100k = 5 dollars, and done, this will make the market of l2 bots adena rise too, but at last, l2 store will offer legit adena, come on, plxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  11. come on, let us buy VIP with adena.. and sell adena at l2 store......... who cares.. if everything is full of bots.. at last, sell adena ncsoft, and not botters -.- at last a legit true 100% trust transaction
  12. i dont care if you are a forever alone, gks wont be free because u are a forever alone, bye. and im not botting, ill report you for harassment in forum and false accusation in forum.
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