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  1. ok i was wrong, my dog is much smarter tan you. ^^killgor
  2. Makro is game mechanic and its part of many many games, and it was always spend mony or time, and comparing the efectivness off Makro and scripitng makes no sense, i play 3 chars for example u want me to make all faccions lvl 6 manually? u series? they didnt ban a guy that killed/pullled a Makro to farm, he made this regularly to countless ppl, he aports 0 to game and game is better whiout him.
  3. whats wrong with screwing 50ppll in for fun? Makro is scripting? internet troll with iq of my dog evaluating my coments inteligence? for me answer for these questions is ovies if its is hard for you to understand tan just make us all a favor and quit game, i know probably most of you where bullied in rl and must come here to troll ppl thats why gms must act.
  4. you guys hearing his versión only, he probably went and lured/pkd many mnay ppl just to troll them, just a random looser with no life wasting other ppls time. and this ban is nothing new, i know some ppl got banned for going to low lvl xp zones and mass trolling ppl by pking them. herasment and bullining is a felany even if done online in most european countries, the faster u get permabanned the better the game becomes, with few cancers like you game would be dead in few month.
  5. i dont understand whers the problem, didnt u make a lot of profit out of this?+u tried out a lvl 2 bow for 2-3weeks/ just ask your self if u could go back u would do it again knowing the result? would u quit if they told u no in the first place? btw no so many dweaps out ther they could have made it a 1 time thing and changed other ppls weaps and evry1 happy.
  6. balance? tan nerf yulls b4 any other class. feo n.1 in 1vs1 in a pt still yull better. about the dmg when i see evry1 runing with+10-12 enchanted accesories then we can start talkin about feo dmg. and let me guess u have no jewls for dmg reflect but u want to beat class based on that then gl for u. want balance? whers balance mp skill for healers? whers progresive mp recharge? any other class gets kill>res and fight, feo gets up and dys from aoe if no pots rdy this without talkin on the ridicules skill mastery and half kills. forgot to mention hide and ofc speed while fe
  7. Just use the arrow keys +right click mouse for direccion
  8. in gc u berly get drops anyway, and most of the time even if u get a drop u wont pick it, this Will depend on ur toon and ur spot, some mobs are range so they die far fram you and u dont pick others Will die b4 reaching u, about fortune pokets they depend on ur luck, evasión and lvl diference with mobs.
  9. excelent momento to add redlibra so ppl change class and buy new jewls
  10. the good thing in this event are the free xp runes, if u dont like grinding xp then game is just not for you.
  11. doesnt mater if they limit gear you can transfer in 2 month ppl will have 10++dark armor and lvl 103+++. what they should do is forbid solo rb, fix barrer and make a mínimum of 2pts necesary to kill it, remove pk scrolls so if that dragon weap guy attaks u he will have to do the quest evry day to remove the pk 1 by 1. this way server will be healthy again(its actually how it Works on other servers). doesnt matter how u see it some ppl live ingame u cant compete with them, others spend thousands of $$ they can bully any1, there must be mecanisms to prevent monopolies. same thing in siege if a c
  12. you forget that u can sell the chests you get from the baits thats worth usually more than half the bait.
  13. you will sell them 1:1,5-2 without counting the hero coins in naia and you complain...
  14. prices of dark stones in naia 600kk each thats crazy hight for pure pve server, cost of making a blessed set dark 40-45b when +8 dark sets sell for this Price, if anything nc should put those ítems in store making their Price at least 1/3 of what they are atm. No point leting ppl that farm Pricefix those ítems...
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