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  1. You clearly havent been in the Aden Dungeon then....
  2. Have to move on a daily basis to widely different areas on the map is fine by itself, but NOT if you charge 16k to teleport from Giran to Aden and then anotehr 16k to get back. If there aren't any daily quests and I can stay in 1 area for days then maybe. But even then with 0.45x rates, the GK costs should be 0.45x as well. Stop alienating your playerbase NCsoft, if you want to monetize this game, keep your players happy. Frustate the just enough so they spend money, atm all that you are doing is frustating people into quitting.
  3. Ok now everyone is VIP, guess how long the VIP queue will be. This doesn't solve anything! You are just moving the issue.
  4. 2 Weeks is a long time, some people have unlimited funds. But everyone has limited time. It wouldnt be a new server, it would a redistribution of an existing playerbase of 1 server, which is WILDY overpopulated, mainly due to allowing people to dual/tripple box. NCsoft clearly wants people to dual/tripple box. So the overpopulating is mainly a Policy issue, not an actual supply/demand issue. But like I said, NCsoft clearly doesnt have any intention to change their policy. So splitting up an overcrowded server is their best option.
  5. If the majoirty of the players pay for VIP 1 (1 dollar a month) the VIP will be massive, there is NO logic WHATSOEVER in thinking that buying VIP will solve anyting
  6. Adding 2 new servers is good start, but really doesnt help if you dont give them Free Transfers to those servers obviously! Players have already commited a lot of time into 1 or multiple characters, they arent just going to throw that away. Give the players from those specific timezone an incentive to move servers, ergo free Server Transfer and maybe some addiotional bonus, This could be anything from X amount of Adena or Ncoin, cosmetics or whatever. Just dont expect people to start from scratch when they have already commited to a server!
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