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  1. Freya Event, again Not Worthy at all

    i cannot agree more with you. granted i wasnt around when the last freya event or any freya event took place but this one is quite dodgy! from what i experienced so far when enchanting items is RANDOM RANDOM RANDOM RANDOM! and even if i wanted to give it a shot, just to support the game im playing, the prices r exceedingly high for what you offer. IF you make it +17 and IF that and IF this. no rewards until after i ve reached +6. i mean what r the chances you r going to reach +6? spend spend spend money and end up not being able to go above +4 or 5(dunno if its safe to enchant it to +6, just guessing not). DODGY DODGY DODGY! gl to all who will give it a go.
  2. FIX THE ADENAS ISSUE!!! until fixed please consider putting in this event what we had on the last one regarding adenas so it balances out.
  3. ye but thats IF they actually activate that feature in NCwest. i mean we should've gotten the jewels box from mammon as part of the update but we didnt. and if that dragon shirt is obtainable at the, currently, last exalted chain q, that means u have to get to 110 to get it, which isnt that easy. one thing i do not yet understand is that since ncwest and nckorea r under the supervision and management of the same company ppl(NCsoft) not like RU or EU, why arent we at the same levels as the Koreans? i mean why r we always behind on updates and not like 1 update behind but 2-3? how come there, according to streams and word of mouth, most ppl can pvp without getting oneshot all the time, more ppl have end game items without spending thousands of dollars/pounds/euros? we must be doing something terribly wrong, i mean honestly, bring one of the developers/admins whatever person is needed and have that person fix our poor ol' server and make it like theirs! sincere request/wishful thinking!
  4. Coule o' Qs Needed some As

    any news? any fixes? OF COURSE NOT!
  5. they havent fixed the *bleeping* adena amount/drop rate problem after the last exp event and u want another one? at this rate in a few events we gonna have 10adenas dropping from mobs(if any drop at all, lol).
  6. mate most of the gear/passive that have in the description +% exp or +% while in VIT Exp, r a joke! if u want to see difference in the exp u re getting u have to pay either in ncoin or adenas and buy consumables that grant u more exp such as but not limited to these, Freya Ice/EXP Rose, glowing dragons potion, detons red/purple, freya scroll of storm/wind, lucky growth scroll, hourglass, honey beer at lvl 3 etc etc etc. sorry if thats not what u wanted to hear.
  7. Coule o' Qs Needed some As

    Still w8ing for clear answers or any answers relevant to these questions please. Also when r u gonna fix the *bleebing* sound problem!!!!??? Shadow Snare works one time then fails the other. So so so so many bugs. Why r u only paying attention on the game once every week on maintanance? Server is unstable, recently experienced lag/delays. oh, why did you delete the video of a certain player clearly using some sort of script or 3rd party program? Why hasnt a punishment been issued? Have u investigated the matter? What r u doing to ensure our play time is safe and enjoyable? Adenas from groups of 8 mobs, 4/8, half the bloody mobs, DO NOT DROP AANNYY ADENAS! Anything? Communicate please!! people r quitting left and right. do something. fix any of the problems, please!
  8. Coule o' Qs Needed some As

    Greetings @PhoenixMitra and thanks for the answer. I have read that post and still following it. Unfortunately it is not helpful as it hardly answers any of this topics questions. Please share some intel related to this topics concerns. Thank you
  9. Coule o' Qs Needed some As

    Thanks @Water for the information u provided on some of my Qs. If only we could get an official answer. I would like to correct myself tho. See, the adena amount and rate increase was only during the halloween event. Apparently me and many others misread the announcement that said it would be permanent that was made in game about 1h before that unscheduled maintance. Me eyes got tricked, sorry! Anyways, since that, not only the adena increase was not permanent, its become rare to even drop adenas from mobs AT ALL! Drop exp runes wasted. Prestige Rune wasted. Money and time wasted. Any answers from our management team? @Juji @Hime ? please? communicate with us and not only once every maintenance, if that. Thanks in advance.
  10. Ninja Adena Nerf

    @Juji mate the day of that emergency maintance u did announce it was gonna be a permanent feature, the increased adenas from mobs. I am also having the same issue with 0 adena drop. 108lvl at tanor. most mobs dont drop any adenas. also the clan achievement World Boss Raid:Seasoned is broken. Even before the update it didnt count any dragons i went to and after the update is the same, still 0/10. I did make a ticket some weeks back and they said they reported it but still nothing changed. Also about this new update that u also said ncwest has received. why is taking u this long to apply it? when r u gonna do it? Also DCs r on a rampage.
  11. Greetings, Since the last update things seem a bit more balanced(adena drop rate and amount increased, materials, ingredients and so on). Now we can farm the scrolls needed for enchanting circlets, shirts and bracelets. Obtaining a +5 Circlet is part of the game now but what about the dragon shirt? I mean we can enchant the circlet we can farm dragon shirt scrolls but we cant obtain a dragon shirt to begin with and put those scrolls to good use. Any plans on changing that? Also I couldnt help but notice that what the EU has as far as the jewels go we dont and that is the option to buy jewelery boxes from mammon instead of only via the ingame NSstore. Any plans on changing that? Lastly I noticed someone posted a picture on what items you can get with mentee coins in the Korean server, which I gotta say are awesome, but we still dont have them here. Any plans on changing that? PS:Crystal of Dawn, item needed to upgrade the Kaliels Bracelet is almost absent from the server, maybe increase the probability of that particular item dropping. PS2: Talisman of Protection Stage 1 is available to purchase from the seed manager in Aden but what about the Energy of Protection, something needed to enchant that said talisman? Thanks a bunch, hope to hear from you soon @Juji@Hime
  12. Its Tuesday the 29th of October, the next update to Lineage II: Fafurion launches on October 30 and we still don't have the patch notes. @Juji@Hime@Cyan
  13. Then I must have been incredibly lucky cause I have done it with 2 toons so far and got R99 weapon on both of them. If I remember correctly one of them was during the last exp event that also had the attendance checklist not 2 months back. Thanks for ur tip and help nonetheless. Wish officials would also take the time to reply. Cheers
  14. Dimensional Traces will be removed huh. What about compensating all these people(including myself) who have reached 90 of these(3 months time worth) and wont be able to reach to 100 and get to the final quest and receive a R99 clean weapon and SAs? U @Juji said that starting next week there would be ''goodies'' for us(the player base), I assume u meant for free but if history is any indicator they wont be. Is this update the goodies u meant? U @Juji also said that next week we were gonna have a halloween event. Is this still the case? R u planning on releasing the new update alongside the event? Can u take a wild guess as to whats gonna happen? Lag, disconnects, connectivity isues, server going down etc etc. Not to mention that the patch notes will be released the day before. Since u already have them(assuming) why dont u upload them say now, or tomorrow? Why wait until the very last day to do so? Please take my questions/concerns under consideration and inform us of the current status of them and/or give us some answers. Communication is key and it is not too much to ask for. Thank you for ur time. Cheers