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  1. YES, thank you, freya ice roses. Could you also please make them tradable?
  2. When the time comes and these lag issues are dealt with, could you consider an event(not sale or p2w) where we could obtain roses of any kind(exp, might, barrier, even the blue ones player comendation)? Or make some event roses tradable such as the ones we get from the tarti series of quests?
  3. Might I add as a potential bug or glitch the fact that the Adventure Guild level 3 clan achievement cannot be obtained even after reaching level 4 on that specific faction. I also noticed that the icon for the use of the sayune where the old bloody swampland post was still appears but the sayune itself is nowhere to be found.
  4. Fix the bugs

    Just a small issue but at Tanor Canyon there is a monster called : Tanor Silenos Solider. I assume it is a mistake and its supposed to say Tanor Silenos Soldier.
  5. Please dont wait until next maintanance to solve these and other issues/bugs this update created.
  6. Main - Dual exchange service

    Werent you supposed to upload the full patch notes the day before the update. At least thats what is says at the bottom of the Lineage II: Fafurion Supplemental Update Preview page at the news section? Full patch notes will arrive at 8/6. This is an overview of the Lineage II: Fafurion supplemental update. The complete patch notes will be available on August 6. The update launches August 7! Well?
  7. Newbie Buffs

    My days, I miss H5 chronicle.
  8. Instead of oppening server transfers, why dont u consider a merge between Naia and Chronos. Either server has mid to low activity, why not combine them? I know it is not the same as EU but they merged their servers last week, why not give it a go here as well?
  9. Main - Dual exchange service

    I honestly couldnt care less about changing my main class at this point or any future point but allow me to add this. Do u really think that blackmailing is the way to go here? not everybody ofc only those who r like ''change it or i will quit''. well go ahead and quit then. ive seen in one post ''majority of the players want this settled''. Majority? Really? Try 3-5% of the players. It is a free game. Whoever chooses to spend money on any stuff its ones own business. Only Drack really participates in the forums. where was everybody else a few months back when the jewels sale was on and the prices were insane. Actually I believe that was the threads name ''insane prices''. As ive said at that thread and will rewritte here, Dear Admins, GMs, Developers, if indeed u cannot do anything about certain issues and aspects of the current and future game and u r only applying the patches sent by Korea, then please, please, give us an email address of ur superiors/supervisors/managers who r responsible so we can make a proper complain form. Thank you.
  10. Red libra buff only last 1hour

    Yeah same here the buff only lasted for an hour. Plus the Greens buff is a bit missguiding. It says gather mothers nature energy to recover some vitality. Where do i gather it from and how? Info on this event if u ve never had it before is so little.
  11. Insane prices

    Still waiting for some answers here dear Management team. Either that or please do provide us with the contact information of the person who is supervising you and/or superior, someone to complain to and do something about it since your hands are tied. Cheers
  12. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 29, 2019

    another pay to win event? another one? ANOTHER ONE? why do u even call them events, this is a bloody raffle. The definition of raffle in wikipedia: A raffle is a gambling competition in which people obtain numbered tickets, each ticket having the chance of winning a prize. At a set time, the winners are drawn at random from a container holding a copy of every number. The drawn tickets are checked against a collection of prizes with numbers attached to them, and the holder of the ticket wins the prize.
  13. Insane prices

    As I expected and wanted to write sooner than this but I really do not know why I didn't, if you people continue squambling amongst youselfs they will lock the topic as they have done so in other cases. Please, stop debating with one another, we all aim to the same goal. As for you, Moderator mate, thank you for keeping us in our ethical line and not forget the Code of Conduct of our forums, but while we do that, maybe you should consider what your community is saying. Stop ignoring us, please. If you cannot I will repeat it one more time, please, be so kind as to provide us with your supervisors contact information so we might find our right with them. Cheers
  14. Insane prices

    I completely agree with you. There shouldn't even be a L2Store, but unfortunately there is. I understand that some people do not have the time to grind and need some boost from the Store but whats happening here is the other way around. Instead of having in game farm to acquire these STAT enhancing items you got the lazy version, P2W version, which enables only the 2% of the server to actually enjoy the endgame and not get one-shoted. That is why I should ask again the dear Management team here for their supervisors contact information to make a proper complain since noone is even bothered to answer at the forums and make some changes around here.
  15. Insane prices

    Why do you want to see this game going 6 foot under? What m0da wrote is happening to a bloody MMO RPG. Do you understand what that even means? Why did you turn this awesome game into a browser P2W game? All of our experiences are being ruined. And if you are not responsible for this, then who is? At least provide us with your superiors email address so we can make a compeling case to them. It is not just m0da or me that has objections on how this game is being ran, but 98% of the players. Since you are not doing anything about it, could you please be so kind as to provide us with the contact information of your supervisors? Thank you