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  1. so many questions answered by the management team i dont know who to thank first.............
  2. @Hime @Juji guys any info please about this halloween fortune reading game sale please? also any update as to when we gonna have the content update we have all been waiting for? server transfers? possible merge(i kinda wanna see that happen, server Chronos is slowly decaying)? anything?
  3. and when is that gonna be? the next content update. if you dont have an exact time, an estimate would be also great u know. a week a month a year. give us something. also could u upload info about this halloween event?
  4. Chronos VS Naia

    Prices on either server r far from reasonable with the current drop and amount rate of adenas.
  5. quest audience with the land dragon

    you no longer need to do that part in order to complete the quest.
  6. I gotta say that LUC is a bit overated. I mean I made my Aden Cloak +10 with like 30 scroll and my toons LUC is like 39. I strongly believe its random. Yes, you get that chance up with scrolls that actually say +10 or w/e % when enchanting but dunno bout LUC.
  7. Golden compas istance

    Any chance we could get an extra extension on the golden compass event? take a week off of this useless letter collection event and add it to the golden compass please.
  8. Strange Mana Problem

    nah mate u r not going crazy. this is the result of ones sloppy work. game full of bugs, and interface glitches.
  9. Before moving to this new content, please, do resolve the latency issue. just a suggestion here, maybe u need to update ur hardware and by update I mean invest some money in it and buy new. there is no point to introduce new content that will most likely bring the servers down to their knees with overflowing data. also dont bother making or activating events like the one we have now, letter colection, its embarassing really. instead we could have the base exp bonus we had as compensation for the latency issue, although, the issue remains unresolved still. sooooo. jokes on us the players or on u the developers...maybe? dunno to be honest.
  10. @Juji couple of things. could you please make the items or some of them e.g. BSSR tradable from the Letter event? why would you even make them character bound in the first place? another thing is the items one gets from this event. just as a test I was leaving macros throughout the day to test that. over 200 words and I only got Lucky growth scrolls, VIP beers and a couple of other menial items. None of the top shelf items, not even roses for crying out loud. I am sorry but at the current state this event is a joke. If applicable, please make some changes. thanks
  11. Another Crash?

    It is really annoying when some1 lags and on top of that getting disconected as well. Do something!
  12. can you please make the letters from the event tradable? or the items u get from them? i mean not even the bssr can be traded. cmon
  13. YES, thank you, freya ice roses. Could you also please make them tradable?
  14. When the time comes and these lag issues are dealt with, could you consider an event(not sale or p2w) where we could obtain roses of any kind(exp, might, barrier, even the blue ones player comendation)? Or make some event roses tradable such as the ones we get from the tarti series of quests?
  15. Might I add as a potential bug or glitch the fact that the Adventure Guild level 3 clan achievement cannot be obtained even after reaching level 4 on that specific faction. I also noticed that the icon for the use of the sayune where the old bloody swampland post was still appears but the sayune itself is nowhere to be found.