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  1. Red Libra event

    Im sorry but what do the 16th anniversary coins and their adundance have to do with the Red Libra? What, we were gonna buy Quests and the 8h Rose buff and change classes using them instead of adena? What a joke!! It doesnt have to do with the fact that according to the Korean server we were supposed to be able to buy them loot boxes using the 16th Anniversary Coins, u know, the boxes, YOU, so conveniently, made available only through l2store?!? OFC not!! Dodgy!! U know, resigning IS an option! know what else is an option? Hiring more staff to ACTUALLY respond in the forums frequently and not once every week(IF THAT)! STOP ROBBING US AND MAKING OUR GAMING HOURS SO SO SO MISERABLE!!!! you should be ashamed of yourselves!
  2. Dragon Shirt Upgrades

    Greetings, Currently there is absoutley no way to get the Noble and Rind Leather upgrade stones so further enchant our dragon shirt(other than ofc buy them from another player at a ridiculously high a price). All this while in other regions you can trade 80 dragon shirt scrolls for 1 noble upgrade stone and 500 dragon scrolls for the rind leather one! Why shouldnt we get and enjoy more things that were meant to be ingame and were conveniently removed from our version? Time we've gotten them? Thank you @Juji@Hime
  3. Brooch n Jewels

    Greetings, As this being an important part of the game and other regions have them perma on their l2store AND farmable ingame through the mamon, maybe its time this came to us as well?? @Juji@Hime Thank you
  4. Cant u at least put like NON expiring roses and dragon pots, freyas scrolls, anything to get with the thousands of coins that r going to go to waste? U robbed us once again of the oportunity to get something freely like other regions have, cause God forbit we actually get anything without paying thousands upon thousands of moneys, cant u at least give us some consumables? Why do u insist on A) making our gaming hours miserable and B) ingoring our every suggestion/post/thread/complain/ / / / /? @Juji @Hime
  5. Talisman Sealing and more

    @Nymphadorae So it was always 900 GE to seal an insanity? so basically the heaven one is not adjusted? either way, is way too much imo and tho i thank you for responding again to my questions(remember my previous post about Golden Compass event? that same week they got it on the EU, lol) I would like any of the two @Juji or @Hime or any other with knowledge of these matters to PLEASE answer!
  6. Greetings, Is it normal that the insanity talisman requires 900 giants energy to get sealed??and an fyi, heaven talisman also requires 900 giants energy. is it supposed to be like this or its a bug? PLEASE, consider the posibility of decreasing the amount of Elcyums needed to upgrade r99 bloody/drak to R110!! 102 elcyum and 9b adenas fee is soso much, and thats just for a +12 R99 to turn to +10 R110. (when u posted back in January btw about the increase in items required to upgrade equipment, u only posted a picture of Crystal of Determination increase and NOT of elcyum too, otherwise believe u me, a lot of ppl would have done it then) Last but not least, what was there more in the current event being available to buy with the Coins that, surprise surprise, got removed from our version of the game? Otherwise why would there even be the option to get 1k coins from boxes even installed when u only need 8 of these daily? @Juji@Hime
  7. Golden Compass and Fishing events

    @Nymphadorae thanks for ur reply, but what u wrote i already know, thats why my question at the bottom of my original post was this: Please do take some time to answer about the events mentioned above!! the events listed as well on the 1st paragraph of my post. the rest were really like footnotes, nothing more. Idk if u were trying to be a smart aleck or something, but nevertheless, i do thank u for the time it took for u to compose this answer, even though it completely deviates the whole point of this post! Cheers
  8. Greetings, Any news on Golden Compass and Fishing events? Along with Oriannas Lucky Draw, and Letter Collection and many other FREE to play events(not the fishing one) that have been forgotten for quite some time now, with Golden Compass and Fishing being needed atm, not to mention that its been more than a year since we've had them(but for crying out loud, DO NOT put the scrolls for luciens bracelet at 500mil)!! PS:adena drop amount and rate is terrible! PS1:lag is sometimes not so bad. PS2:melee lag is still here after almost a year(gonna have a bday soon for it, lol). PS3:inactive community and absent management! PS4:Laughable rewards from both free and pay 2 play events! u r not giving us a chance to stay competitive! PS5:any chance for communication between the two agencies, EU and NA, to make transfer or anything like that happen between regions? PS6:Any chance of reducing the *** amount of Elcyums and adenas to upgrade a R99 to R110(102 elcyums and 9b adenas for a +12 to +10, cmon). PS7:Any chance of removing restrictions from Heavenly Enchant Weapon Scroll so it can be used on mage weapons too? Cheers @Juji@Hime Please do take some time to answer about the events mentioned above!!
  9. when will we have the patch notes of the update

    @Hime @Juji so still no updates/upgrades on prestige pack? what about the ability to ''craft'' jewels like ruby, sapphire etc. ?
  10. @Juji@Hime Last year the anniversary of L2 started on the 17th of Arpil. R we gonna have any events this year at all? Personally I stopped lagging that bad for the past 1-2 weeks but im a Feoh. Close combat classes still have issues with AA delay. Even though I stopped lagging, there isnt much to do other than macro farm for God knows how long to start and being remotely competitive. You still have end game items like Cloaks and Forgotten Books and Jewels(sapphire, ruby, etc.) available only through L2store even though we were supposed to be able to ''craft'' these jewels through mamon or blacksmith since 2 patches ago but you conveniently removed that option. Please tell me, when a Sapphire 5 costs around 70-90billion adenas and I get from a mob at a 109 level area(field of silence) 14-30k adenas(with prestige and all the fixins), how am I supposed to gather that many adenas just for this 1 thing? I can barely cover the costs of the bssr and spirit ores i use during my farm! Im not even gonna touch the cloak subject, enchanting rates and legendary stable scrolls as well as augmenting. 150-210billion adenas for a +15 aden cloak. Cmon that is a very bad joke!! You wonder why people make 3904830948 toons each and lag the servers? Well, with the current adenas drop rate/amount being what it is now and the prices going up uP UP, how can some1 be or stay competitive by logging just one or two toons? You would think that with time items would get cheaper since more and more people r making them but NOOOoooo! Lets *bleep* up enchant rates and adena amount so noone can make them but a few! Tiny suggestion off topic, remove the snare(confusion) resist from the mobs in Stronghold(since this is the only area u can make decent adenas) so a feoh could farm effectively with the nerfs they received, like archers do with the boosts they received over the last year. I cant also understand why do mobs keep spawning in areas like forrest of mirrors and brekas and isle of prayer, so far away from each other, EVEN THOUGH THEY R IN GROUPS(unlike ivory crater, beleths circle and phantasmal etc), making it impossible for snare to get them all! ADENAS DROP RATE/AMOUNT IS BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!!!! B A D!!! PS: Seriously though, couldnt u arrange for a toon to get transfered from NCwest to EUcore(by transfered i mean deleted here and remade in the EU Core by GMs or admins or w/e can do it, if a normal transfer cant take place, removing the cloaks and god jewels etc. of course since they dont have them there which makes the game much more balanced)? Thanks!
  11. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, April 8, 2020

    @Hime@Juji can u please bring the mobs in dino isle back to the normal amount and cut down 20% from the coal mines or something? also, GM buffs would be neat after maintanance or install the cat from red libra that gave out the rose buff for 30 mil adenas!Also, is it possible to reduce the amount of Elcyum needed to upgrade weapons into R110? I mean 102 elcyums and 9b adenas for a +12 R99 Bloody to be R110 +10 bloody is quite a lot. Removing restrictions from heavenly scroll would be a great idea as well, making it usable on mage weapons too until +12! thanks
  12. Could u grand Chronos GM buffs after this unscheduled maintanance please? @Juji@Hime
  13. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, April 1, 2020

    Yes, cause the issues at Chronos r solved and only Naia is the problem!
  14. I feel ya man. I end up spending 39 scrolls to get mine to legendary status and support told me it is ''working as intended''. Well if they intended to bum me out, then ye it is working as intended. Just sad, u know, getting excited, finally event for cloaks is here, saved up Hero Coin for a year and BOOM, not 1, not 5, not 10 scrolls but 39 overall. Tis sad.
  15. Man on this current cloak i used 12 legendary scrolls on the last cloak event and 14 now. All fail! this is ridiculous dude, i mean u got the option to use a High grade legendary scroll but how to get it, no infos no nothing! this isnt fair !