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  1. Greetings, How about a cloak event for the next sales? Maybe this time with normal and maybe better enchant rates than the last one? Also, whatever happened to the Greedy Chests? Was a good way to get high level jewels without having to spend a very large amount of adenas. Last but not least, any chance of increasing the amount of adenas dropping? Maybe add some permanent boost on the drop rate in PI? @Hime@Juji
  2. Can we get like 100+hour consumables please? or just the red buff would be awesome. what would be totaly rad tho is to make the current settings permanent. epecially the adenas.
  3. I think its cool that u finally started listening to the community and the herb system is actually pretty cool imho as well as the red libra event AND the extention of the letters event. Any news on the adenas front on stronghold? Also, why dont u try and have cloak and brooch related stuff made obtainable through in game means(dropped in hunting timed zones for example) AND add them permanently on l2store? Lastly, can u make the spiritshots/soulshots we get from the event and some other stuff, tradable? and MAYBE have sayhas talisman not being rewarded for just 1 day but...fore
  4. From this letter event I got a Sayhas Talisman lvl 6 and it says its available only for 1 day. Now in the events info online it doesnt say anywhere its for one day? Is this normal or is it like the CoC belt incident where it was 30-day in game when it was supposed to be permanent? @Juji
  5. Here are some ideas to make the game fun. Have some free to play events more often than once per year. Lower the prices on l2 store. Make an instance that drops cloak related scrolls. Make another instance that drops brooch and brooch jewels. Make endgame stuff available to gamers, not only wallet warriors. Bring back factions with better rewards than the ones we had before. We also wait for that compensation u talked about giving us like a years ago cause of the lag and delay and everything that’s wrong with the games flow from ur part. Still waiting btw for that compensation.
  6. Mobs became unnecessarily harder, there r no new rewards in game from quests/npcs like the dragon shirt i mean. Brooches and brooch jewels along with Cloaks r still not available through in game means only once per year, if that, through p2w, which is quite unfair. There is no decent place to farm adenas unless u spend WAY too much money and still its getting nerfed.
  7. Do u realize u r arguing with urself? @iAleira And it was definitely NOT in the middle of the siege ground it was at the edge of the pavement. and it wasnt just 1 spot mate, it was the whole bloody pavement, up and down. I like how u bypassed everthing else on my post tho. Kinda like Jehovas Witnesses, getting the things that work out for them and leave out all the rest of the bible! Someone hurt u, I get that but dont take it out on us bruv. Ban is one thing but have the management team interfere with in game issues, it takes a lot more than just the notion of justice.
  8. the place we were teleporting to was Aden Territory and NOT Aden Castle! The place that player was farming(not only that individual but many more) could not be accessed by just running up to the spot. Also worth mentioning is that it was a NO FLYING ZONE! Unlike this, the myteleport spot was and is there for any1 to simply run to it and save it without having to glitch the geodara or run for months over mountain tops to get there! Lastly, on the EU official server, Core, same teleport is used by any1 without any penalties. Hell, that same spot was being used by the same people who no
  9. So Renovatio and Propve and b0ss arent big clans? out of all the nonesense u ppl say over time u finally had a moment of clarity there.
  10. i like that when we name names we get our posts deleted for ''name shaming'' but when others do it to us its open season for MS! and FYI when u teleport at the RIGHT spot it takes u OUTSIDE the siege zone! general zone on the mini map not siege/pvp/war zone and/or battlefield! so no exploit whatsoever!
  11. I would like a change in the producers/admins/GMs/devs positions as well please! At the end of the day this is a business, you r the retailers and we r the costumers and what YOU've been given so far is rubbish! Scammers like *** or *** with their force pk and making people drop their items will be back thanks to you. If you have favourites in this game better make a toon join them and play the game instead of using underground methods of killing MS! What will u do when w/e the *** u think u got into consideration goes horribly wrong(as it has in the past many many many times) a
  12. Any free and fun events to play? Oriannas lucky draw, letter collection , golden compass or any other new event??? @Juji@Hime
  13. Greetings @Juji@Hime@EmperorLeto Please consider making a PROPER sale of Brooch/Brooch Jewel the coming Wednesday with REASONABLE prices and for crying out loud DO NOT extend this night market coin event/gamble sales!! Also Oriannas lucky draw or Golden Compass or Letter Collection as far as the free and fun events go would be a good idea or ANY free and fun event to play with rewards worthy of our time and with consumables that DONT expire, lol, like what is that!! PS:When all this lag/delay/latency/**** situation began(still on going btw) u said we would be compensated
  14. Greetings again @Juji@Hime@EmperorLeto Please consider making a PROPER sale of Brooch/Brooch Jewel the coming Wednesday with REASONABLE prices and for crying out loud DO NOT extend this night market coin event/gamble sales!! Also Oriannas lucky draw or Golden Compass or Letter Collection as far as the free and fun events go would be a good idea!! Cheers
  15. I stand corrected, thank u @mixa. Keep everything I wrote except ''AS THE GAME INTENDED obtainable through mamon'' and replace it with ''having them available through more means other than the l2store! Still doesnt change the fact that we need a Brooch/Brooch Jewel sale at REASONABLE PRICES and more f2p and fun events rotating on a regular basis and not whenever or never, lol!
  16. Greetings, Since u r not planning on making it fair game for every1 concerning brooch jewels by having them AS THE GAME INTENDED obtainable through mamon and not only through l2store, could u consider this Wednesday having a sale on them with REASONABLE prices and not like last time? Also Oriannas lucky draw or Golden Compass or Letter Collection as far as the free and fun events go would be a good idea!! @Juji@Hime@PhoenixMitra Cheers
  17. @Juji Thank God u responded for all the important issues, job well done, really............!
  18. Any news on the transfers, or better yet, a merge? I mean naia is having fun, on chronos is a snooze fest! Maybe you will activate buying the jewels(sapphire, ruby, red/blue cats eye etc etc) through mamon like ALL the other regions? Maybe you will activate Golden Compass event? Or Oriannas Lucky Draw? Or Letter Collection? Anything with the ACTUAL prizes included and not your knock off version of it? Maybe rotate events per 2 weeks WITHOUT pausing? I mean whats up with that? Maybe have a sale this week on brooch jewels at NORMAL prices? Maybe hire more staff for the f
  19. Im sorry but what do the 16th anniversary coins and their adundance have to do with the Red Libra? What, we were gonna buy Quests and the 8h Rose buff and change classes using them instead of adena? What a joke!! It doesnt have to do with the fact that according to the Korean server we were supposed to be able to buy them loot boxes using the 16th Anniversary Coins, u know, the boxes, YOU, so conveniently, made available only through l2store?!? OFC not!! Dodgy!! U know, resigning IS an option! know what else is an option? Hiring more staff to ACTUALLY respond in the forums frequently and not o
  20. Greetings, Currently there is absoutley no way to get the Noble and Rind Leather upgrade stones so further enchant our dragon shirt(other than ofc buy them from another player at a ridiculously high a price). All this while in other regions you can trade 80 dragon shirt scrolls for 1 noble upgrade stone and 500 dragon scrolls for the rind leather one! Why shouldnt we get and enjoy more things that were meant to be ingame and were conveniently removed from our version? Time we've gotten them? Thank you @Juji@Hime
  21. Greetings, As this being an important part of the game and other regions have them perma on their l2store AND farmable ingame through the mamon, maybe its time this came to us as well?? @Juji@Hime Thank you
  22. Cant u at least put like NON expiring roses and dragon pots, freyas scrolls, anything to get with the thousands of coins that r going to go to waste? U robbed us once again of the oportunity to get something freely like other regions have, cause God forbit we actually get anything without paying thousands upon thousands of moneys, cant u at least give us some consumables? Why do u insist on A) making our gaming hours miserable and B) ingoring our every suggestion/post/thread/complain/ / / / /? @Juji @Hime
  23. @Nymphadorae So it was always 900 GE to seal an insanity? so basically the heaven one is not adjusted? either way, is way too much imo and tho i thank you for responding again to my questions(remember my previous post about Golden Compass event? that same week they got it on the EU, lol) I would like any of the two @Juji or @Hime or any other with knowledge of these matters to PLEASE answer!
  24. Greetings, Is it normal that the insanity talisman requires 900 giants energy to get sealed??and an fyi, heaven talisman also requires 900 giants energy. is it supposed to be like this or its a bug? PLEASE, consider the posibility of decreasing the amount of Elcyums needed to upgrade r99 bloody/drak to R110!! 102 elcyum and 9b adenas fee is soso much, and thats just for a +12 R99 to turn to +10 R110. (when u posted back in January btw about the increase in items required to upgrade equipment, u only posted a picture of Crystal of Determination increase and NOT of elcyum too, o
  25. @Nymphadorae thanks for ur reply, but what u wrote i already know, thats why my question at the bottom of my original post was this: Please do take some time to answer about the events mentioned above!! the events listed as well on the 1st paragraph of my post. the rest were really like footnotes, nothing more. Idk if u were trying to be a smart aleck or something, but nevertheless, i do thank u for the time it took for u to compose this answer, even though it completely deviates the whole point of this post! Cheers
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