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  1. 15 minutes ago, mrfloodaz said:

    Which of these L2 classic servers is new? I mean Giran server started October 3 too?

    Talking Island and Giran server came out in October 3rd and because of the amount of ppl coming to these servers NCSOFT decided to open another classic server couple days ago after the opening which is Aden.

    Aden doesn't have a lot of ppl as TI and Giran servers do because nobody expected that server to came out, so all the zerg's/clans have gone to TI/Giran servers.

  2. On 4/9/2018 at 11:33 AM, Draecke said:

    not going to happen though as NC has tried that a few times before and it all ended badly with server mergers as final result.. even Innova who tried it the most recently it failed and had to merge..

    also fresh servers are a joke as all you do there is unleash L2store creditcard warriors of the worst kind

    Opening Zaken server (the last server that NC opened) wasn't a bad move, I remember that the 1st month on that server was really fun, Zaken had A LOT of ppl at the start but after the 1st 3 months a lot of ppl got bored and started to quit because back then NC didn't have a good control about botting/scripting, there was a lot of ppl abussing of PvP Scripts from ZRanger and taking a lot of advantage from it, making the server really boring, so.

    I think that opening a new server would be a really good move, a lot of ppl would come back to play because there's no way that new ppl will come to play Chronos/Naia because of the amount of gear or $$$ that u gotta spend to get in the competitive level.

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