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  1. Wow let us see how many competent free servers open up a classic non custom now
  2. So @Juji, @Hime could we get some clarifications on the database: Do we get a classic official game races, classes, skills, stats, items and quests ? Thanks,
  3. Yeah thats what i`m saying on discord to my clan mates when we discuss this topic - l2 overall gameplay - that it is unbalanced, and I do not expect any confirmation from @Hime or @Juji because these kind of things never get fully disclosed. This is either a continuos beta which is not declared so that we could fund the project, either as @Hime said in another post some (to be read most) things do not apply from the original koreean (or asian w/e) classic developed Lineage. But by all means they should balance it. And i`m not talking about adena rates. I can understand the game is
  4. @Juji indeed thanks! naturally this l2 classic will be a dynamic process for both players and you producers/developers. But please don't screw up... I`d pretty much prefer to pay you for cosmetics soulshots and some Decent xp boost, rather than quit because of adena market. I would try to make it easyer for players to buy coins rather than go buy adena from bot owners. Keep up the good job !
  5. Summon Spiritshots 1 active 10 0 100000 0 - With a 100% probability summons 24 Beast Spiritshots. Consumes 4 Spirit Ore.
  6. I played a couple of years on Raidfight Dunno where you get your info on whats coming up because this classic is some changed C4..
  7. I think kiting is more a thing archer PARTIES do not one archer and if it were to compare the three its the silver ranger who is fast enough to actualy kite a bit. Hawkeye doesnt move while in Snipe and you have reuse if u cancel it enought to get you back to the 800 range any archer has. So if u say kiting and think of pve/leveling silver ranger is the one that actually can kite proeficiently with the proper buffs. Hawkeye is nice but his speed is the lowest and thus you have your con to become a bit tanky. In my personal experience anyway haw
  8. Paladins have Sacrifice which as before spends HP instead of Mana and transfers an amount of HP on that target. Perviously pally's sacrifice worked something like you spend 500 hp and you heal 400. When you went 3rd class you could overenchant the skill and spend 500 to heal 600 which makes it posible so you can heal yourself up to full hp if you had at least how much you spent for the first heal. As far as I can see in l2wiki for classic l2, right now the sacrifice heals by default more than you spend in Hp directly from the lower levels and goes to something like spend 900 h
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