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  1. Desde Argentina no puedo entrar ,ayer funcionaba I can not enter from Argentina, yesterday it worked
  2. I deleted the game twice, I installed it again and nothing, it did not work, and without doing anything, on Saturday afternoon I was able to enter
  3. Cant Login ? Xingcode3 error ? the solution

    hi can you upload to the compressed folder?
  4. I hope, but no, I'm still the same, thank you for trying to solve
  5. erase the game I returned it to isntalar still does not walk same error !!!!
  6. I do not have an antivirus and the firewall is closed, it says error 0xE0191009 since last night when I wanted to open a second account when I closed the one I had open and I could not open it anymore
  7. I was able to log till last night but now im getting the same reported issue ERROR DE XIGNCODE Error - 2 (E0191009) NO FUNCIONA!!!!
  8. how do they do?

    as we do with the few people in Live to be able to change the armor equipment, weapons, if you do not sell anything, more than a month ago I have been putting a gun and nothing, this is very difficult como hacemos con la poca gente que hay en Live para poder ir cambiando el equipo armadura ,armas,si no s e vende nada,hace mas d e un mes q vengo poniendo un arma y nada,esta muy dificil asi
  9. Known Issue: Server Login/Select Issue

    from argentina I can enter now
  10. Connectivity Issues Update - 1/16

    it did not work,I'm from Argentina
  11. Known Issue: Server Login/Select Issue

    all the same, without being able to enter and nobody informs us if they are going to fix the problem
  12. Known Issue: Server Login/Select Issue

    here in Argentina is called the consumer defense
  13. does not let into the game

    I still can not enter from last week, and I read they say that the fault is not yours ??? then I want back every dollar that I put in the game with my pjs, if they do not know how to solve it
  14. Known Issue: Server Login/Select Issue

    yesterday I was able to enter after 5 days today I can not anymore, I play in crhonos
  15. Quest Exaltad

    Consegui tres me falta Tauty e Istinia para navidad capaz llego I got three I'm missing Tauty and Istinia for Christmas I can get there