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  1. Yes, we have already seen that we lost SWS and Glad from CP because after 6 days they will not want to play anymore and will be far from level ...
  2. The coolest of all is that the ADMs dont give any support in the forum ..
  3. @Lightkeeper in our CP each one takes care of your account, there is no password sharing between the characters
  4. With this ridiculous event of top D weapons, no one is buying adena.
  5. This NCSoft anti-bot system is super flawed! I've seen a lot of people being banned for no reason, the worst of it is that players who were banned had their accounts unlocked after 6 days, that's ridiculous, a company with so much time on the market going through such a shame.
  6. @Hime @Juji 2 of players of my CP has banned playing game, its serious?
  7. I have been in several places and tested in several bixos and the poisons of the orc shaman dont activing, I have already spent all my mana on a monster and did not activate any poison.
  8. I would like to know what percentage of passive skill "Mana Recovery" that all mage type characters have, since I am using light armor with the orc shaman and am getting the same amount of mana regeneration
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