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  1. @Juji this answer i got from core admins Hello! Security systems of these games do not match. Unfortunately, it won't be possible to play both games at the same time. They cannot work together now, and it is not fixable. Respectfully, Anasta. Support agent. can this game be somehow adapted in the same way now,when you implemented that different antibot system the game was ruined.
  2. Nswest support do not do anythink wrote a ticket attached all dx and other logs but they do nor see anything. Before this antibot was all ok. After maint. They have some things but dont know. Guess the same with avast and win11
  3. Hi, does anyone else has problems to lounch both lineage clients for core and ncwest. After antibot was implemented i am unable to play core couse seems Frost security blocks this antibot and automatically disconects. Any solutions? If i run core client without ncwest client runs ok. If i turn on ncwest l2 core gets dc automatically
  4. that shield is like buff u can interupt it
  5. Tyrr Grand Khavatari 105 run https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxcQMM0Ts1M
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