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  1. Yesterday i lost atuba mace on my one day sph account because ot that shitty system, support is not even trying to help me. You dont have any chance to recover account and weapons.
  2. Account Name: xxx Offense: Association to Exploitative Accounts Penalty: Account Closure We have reviewed and found the above action as well as the associated penalty to be consistent with our policies. We ask that you review our terms and rules of conduct, which are available here: http://us.ncsoft.com/en/legal/user-agreements/. This action against the account will not be removed and the penalty will stand. Got banned on two 16 lvl accounts that i created yesterday, support dont wanna to help me and tell me what is reason of ban. Is there reason for existence of ncsoft support
  3. Or Atuba hammer + 1kk for Noble elven bow
  4. WTT Elven long sword for light crossbow pm ingame cococad
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