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  1. Aden crashed

    Now they decide to put the tuesday patch earlier as an consolation fix.
  2. Aden crashed

    Fix what? they needed to blow the dust from the machine's...
  3. Aden crashed

    Imagine the one's that was Raid'ing, or the one's that was about to get they'r Top D Weapon from event.... Now let's start pray and cry guy's
  4. Offline shop suggestion

    First of all, i would like to say greeting’s to everyone. I don’t know if it was already discussed, but i wonder why a 2018 Game Client still require a user to keep his pc and a game box open just to sell something over night. Private server’s have this option, either with an item purchased from L2Store or by default, but it will change a lot the game playerbase. And set a safe limit area near the gatekeeper’s. You dont even see the GK by that spam of shop’s bubble near him. Thank you in advance and i wanna hear some advise opinion’s about this suggestion. CU ingame, Aden Classic Server.