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  1. Runes and party cakes wasted pfff
  2. Juji: "We are bringing both servers back up now and will be making some additional optimizations. " soooo lets see
  3. They can just unplug the server, whats the point of announcements
  4. Hello Adventurers, Game servers will be down for additional AWS optimization on Thursday, April 8, 2021 at 9 a.m. PDT / 6 p.m. GMT+1 and will be unavailable for approximately 3 hours. With this maintenance: AWS server optimization Nice optimization...
  5. Anyone from NC Team is reading what is writen here? or you just pretend to care and read for what we have to say? Some answeres would be appreciated Juji, Hime, how you plan to improve the economy on server and how 108-113 lvl players should farm to reach to those fancy farming new areas? DEV, create 1 normal char, without boosting any item, use only prestige pack and please let me know how you lvl to 115, how much time you needed and what equipment you have once you reached the lvl. If you have some basic math skills you can calculate, as you know how much exp/mob, how much adena,
  6. Thanks for helping us throw prestige and runes to trash. I hope you will come with a compensation. And btw revamp prestige - when? If you ppl cant keep up with the job you need to do with the server just close it
  7. Just close the damn server
  8. Juji, maybe you can add it at mentor NPC so that old players can also get it.
  9. If the deccision was taken to limit to 3 accounts logged, maybe you should consider to change (increase) the drop rates, you transformed us in little slaves working on L2 plantation, we dont get anything from farming, no adena, no parts, no spoil not to mention the full drops. This is the hardest server from all L2 official servers. Instead you do smth about the bots you just kept lowering the drop rates that are close to zero now.
  10. Probably uninstalling the gamne is the best option
  11. Would be great to log today, the game is running for 2 hours and i can`t log bcz always 150/ 200 + queue Increase the bloody limit
  12. Really nobody can provide an ETA untill servers will be up?
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