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  1. How did you count them o.o? as there is no ingame kill counter
  2. Hello guys, Is it just me or VIP 4 has 50% drop bonus that isnt working? Im asking this because a friend of mine has Vip3 and so far he got like 10 D grade armor drops few top Ng weapon drops, while I with Vip 4 grinding the same mobs for nearly same amount of time have 0 full drops? I mean even the Adena drop chance seems to be lower than 70.. Sometimes i kill around 10 mobs in a row with no adena drop at all.
  3. rates are as follow >>> instead of monsters dropping adena you drop adena while killing monsters and its not going to change
  4. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/6557-banned-for-no-suspicion/?do=findComment&comment=52521 i think that this proves that they randomly ban people
  5. exacly the same happened to me with the difference that i dont have vpn and i have vip 3>> when asked for a proof they said that they cant reveal.
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