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  1. Few hours without single response from GMs, i can't believe that ignore.... so sad
  2. Guys stop asking for compensations ! We don't need "compensation", the best compensation will be fixing the "melee lag"........
  3. What about to try to disable BOTS ? Just for 1 week ?
  4. Hello @Hime and @Juji, it's been long time since this kind of "LAG" hit our servers. Is there any information when to expect this to be fixed ? As i remember its from Fafurion update and it's only on our servers, EU and RU don't have such a problem. @Draecke if i'am not wrong you have some "timer" can refresh it to see how long this going already. Anyone working on this issue to investigate a problem ? Any info about what to expect ? We lost enough players from our community already...... Thank you !
  5. Probably is based on server population :P ( bots excluded from calculations )
  6. For 15 years that i play i make mistakes, but i just accept the lost because it's my own fault. In this case again was my fault to put wrong price, but i cannot agree with the reason that i lost my item. If some real player bought my item iam ok with that, but i rly doubt that someone can make all the steps to make a purchase: make search in AH, noticed the item with misstype price, move cursor on it, double click to purchase and confirm the purchase and all this withing 2seconds, after i register the item ( the one who bought the item must make search after the item is registered ) and before
  7. Hey guys, what do you think about this situation with register item in AH with wrong price and try to cancel after. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zvc6C06KOMQ
  8. With so many items atm and considering limit for 95 items, for switching main/dual class you should mail out your entire tradeble items to can do it. So @Juji ,can you be so kind to tell us please (like you did early with dices that we start getting before mini game was up), do we need to keep this coins for some upcoming part of the 16th anniversary event, or can just delete them if they will dont have future usage till the end of the event. ty
  9. @Juji Again veteran reward again ONLY for characters before 01/01/2005 ???????????????? Reconsider fixing this ! 01/01/2010 IS PRETTY ENOUGH ! my toon is birth few months later and what ? 01/01/2005 /facepalm
  10. Happy new year @Juji I still hope that you can share some information about this.
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