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  1. Says the Spider "King" and ( I guess ) Shots buyer with real $ .
  2. A year? Unless they will change adena/spoil when the majority will hit 30/40 , then I don't give this server 3 months, until it becomes full p2w. They are keeping this rates because there are many whales who pays 5-10$ A DAY!!! for shots with real $. This is beyond stupidity. I have moved to EU Classic, and let me tell you that it feels SO relaxing playing there. Everything works as it should. Yes, not so many players, but that won't stop me having fun, while here, servers are full but 98% of the time I felt frustrated, since my main is a spoiler.
  3. The heck? Where did I said about x1.5 rates? Patch 1.5 has x1 rates, aka normal rates. Geez you people!
  4. So, first you didn't believed that they advertised this as 1.5 version. Now you come "back" with another theory to defend NcSoft? 1.5 .. "Chronicle" , in L2 Classic means, for the most of us , 1.5v rates. Everyone and their mother knows what 1.5 means , at least in terms of rates. So of course we expected to have this rates. And they knew damn well we will believe that we will get this rates but they didn't said anything about what rates we will get, andso, it made me ( at least ) to go ahead and purchase the Launch Packs for 3 boxes. Also, the reason for why they didn't had a
  5. Let me tell you, that I am currently playing on EU Classic and even if they will change the spoil rates to x1, things will still be hard, which is O.K, since now is beyond stupidity. They are "afraid" of top CP's , because they will farm a lot faster. Well, they should be "afraid". They made this game for this type of game play. They are now punishing legit players because of a "few". Anyway, they will never change them. This is the rates we will have, since this exact rates are also on Taiwan, KR, JP. Be smart , or stay here and … hope!
  6. Yes yes, in one minute. Cool story Muppet! Of course you can save Adena by buying shots with real money. You are simply supporting P2W. Is fine, enjoy your wait until they will "fix" the rates. And yes, do much more grind and pay them much more money, because they will increase the rates .. "sure". LOL!
  7. 50 bots, doing non stop grinding at low level, can match with 55+ 1 AOE Russian party, right ? And, the main reason for his post was "bots", not necessary , Adena sellers.
  8. He is a solo warrior , did spider quests like there is no tomorrow, and was lucky with drops and Events. There you go. His true story. Oh, and he's buying his buffs/shots/etc with real $. Now everything makes sense, right ?
  9. 1) You should /quit the game while you can then. You say you don't agree, yet .. you are doing it their way. 2) So you are buying your SS from the store? Or with Adena ? Also , you didn't answered my question : How much is "a lot of adena" ? How much Adena do you have ? Oh so you already hit level 40. Well, suicide incoming then. Keep it to level 40 if you still want to earn "a lot of Adena". That or ..you are using your real $ to buy your way. If that's the case, then you 1) point and saying you don't agree, falls so hard, that it will make you look like a man without any common sen
  10. Man this theory :))) If is done on purpose then no one should be playing in a server like this. You are punishing players for..what? And how well are you earning right now? Do you feel you are progressing ? Define "a lot of adena" please. And I assume, you are fighting without SS? If you are talking about the golden age of Lineage 2, and you want things like before, then why they lowered the shit out of the rates? So you want lower rates, but same grinding as before? Ok, same grinding, no problem, but bring the rates back as they were in C1+. Anyway , whats your level ?
  11. Wait what? Spider Simulator has always been that way? LOL! Remind me, when exactly people has done this quest in the past?! And isn't this .."quest" bugged as it should give 1k instead of 3.2 ? And about de-leveling, yes , people de-leveled TO spoil mainly, in lower level zones , and not to avoid teleport costs. I mean, you could prove me wrong I guess? Yes? No? Ok .. And to people "You are leveling to fast" LOL. First thing first, NcSoft allows you to level this "fast". Secondly , you are NOT saving adena if you kill more mobs and stay at lower levels. You are still spending for sho
  12. And here I though, people wanting to play L2 Classic and not Farmer Spider Simulator V0.2573 and Suicide Simulator V0.5. Oh well. Enjoy it I guess.
  13. Yes. We are not on EU rates, but on Taiwan / China / Korea / Japan rates. I hope you are happy now
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