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  1. look maybe you have the time to lvl up a lot of tunes to suport you but i havent that time, we play as party always with my friends and lvling together, in this server we play as archer party we are at 52 lvl and we xp with no ss to gear up,maybe we can leave with it but is not pleasant, we have all vip 4 and no difrence with drop or adena rates and now with teleport costs and curentlly adena and spoil rate its our time to give up, we stay here that time beacause we thought that adena and spoil will be ingreased but in not so we leaving.
  2. So if you play with a mage party or a pole aoe i think you are ok.if you play on a melle or archer party you are done here,you quit or you reroll,that is the fact,rates for spoil and adena are to low and not friendlly for solo players and casual parties,so that is for us my party is leaving goodbye all.
  3. Its simple, you are acompany and we are customers we say to you you must fix this is not right,we dont want it we want something else.whatever,and you say no i dont listen to you i dont care about your opinion,guess what!!!! customers gona be sad they gona leave and they gona go to another company how listen to them,just simple thinks.....
  4. x0a0x0a0x0a nice move NCwest wait to see how your population gona growth after this...........
  5. Hello fellows,before 5 days i made an acount to play an alt, i made him 19 lvl and the next day i came back to do the tranfer quest,but acount was locked i contact with suport and i took acount back they say to me it was a routine check???WTF IS THIS??? nevermine i make the tranfer quest i got him lvl 20 and left him.yestarday i came back to play and acount was locked again , this is my alt so i dont care so much,i just spanding there some of my free time,im sure im gona take it again back,beacause i made nothing to violate the rules.but this policy is not right,im sure the problem is the an
  6. there is 2 serfver with low and medium population you can start there and be happy with no ques.
  7. I send an email to suport team but 3 days have pass and i have no reply yet,sorry that i came here for assist but my previous problem took 14 days to resolve by suport team and it sucks to wait so long,so my problem is that the lanch pack i took is on the transaction history with the payment on 1st of octomber but i dont have a code in unseen serials codes on lineage2 so i cant send the pack in game. my ticket number is 22293556 someone can help me from here?(the acount has locked from 1st of octomber for suspicious activity and i took it back before 5 days ) i beg for help @Juji @Hime
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