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  1. I'm beginning to find it rather fishy that not a single member of staff has made a comment in regards to the increasing amount of threads that have been created over the weekend about the rates. Surely this means they actually don't give a shit and it's literally pointless to play a server with no dev input? *Don't come at me with that it's down to Korea/rates are fine just l2p bullshit either*
  2. rates are not prefect they already admitted they are broken they just wont fix them because people keep buying vip for full drops instead of spoils.
  3. It's not anger im just baffled that you can't see that facts.
  4. Mate, on an actual serious note what the bleep are you smoking? Because if you can't see that they have ADMITTED the rates are broken then you really are a bleeping moron. Its nothing to do with opinion is FACTS.
  5. Listen to me you bleeping retard. At no point have I cried about the bleeping adena, you are clearly missing the point where NCWest has LIED to us since the launch of the servers about the rates. Also bleeping incorrect? I've literally states facts backup by NCWest when they told us they broke the rates and tried to fix them. You are literally incapable of reading the fact and retaining the information provided to you because it always comes back to "Jjajajaa cry baby leave priv server kid n00b xx0x0x0x0" I've said it once get the bleep off my thread with this bullshit you are contributing no
  6. I am honestly baffled by your idiocy, the facts are rates are not 1x like they should be for an official server, NCWest has literally already admitted that hence the "increase of rates" you can literally see the announcement when you log into the server. The rates where good until they did the database maintenance leading a lot of players to believe they changed the rates back to way bellow 1x. If you are unable to grasp that these are the fact the maybe remove yourself from the forums because you cannot actually contribute anything construct. This is proven by the "Waaaaahh" "Crybaby" comment
  7. You really are a moron right? Probably sit all day on bots so it doesn't matter to you what the rates are because you aren't actually grinding yourself. There are clearly way more that 5 people with an issue with the way the server is currently being run so don't even come at me with that bullshit. At no point did I cry about not having adena , I was saying that they have bleeping lied to us since the beginning about the rates to try and coerce people into buying VIP. So you clearly are one of the little fanboys I told not to jump on my bleep.
  8. Let me first start of by saying yes I have been playing Lineage 2 since the beginning and yes I do know how official is supposed to play out, before any NCWest fanboys jumps on my bleep to defend their actions from the beginning of this project. At the moment I feel like NCWest are just sitting back looking at the forums not giving a shit while counting all the money they have made from Launch Packs and VIP packs. We have been consistently lied to by staff about "fixing" rates, there should of originally been no reason to fix the rates unless they had been trying some underhanded shit and
  9. Just a little update, I have been farming for 9 hours and only ended up with 200 items that spoil 1/4 the mobs were green too.
  10. Tbf I just think that NCWest are handling the whole classic server really badly, they just seem to be after people buying vip4 and maintaining it. Just another cash grab like the illegal servers
  11. Am I tripping absolute balls or is the spoil rate of mobs turning blue incredibly low? I've been spoiling green mobs for 4 hours and I've only got 30 items. For me the ratio of sweepable mobs is at about 1/25 surely i'm not the only person experiencing this? I was under the impression that this was supposed to have been fixed when in fact it seems to be worse now than before.
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